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Hello, my name is Jake Tapec. I was introduced to the world of martial arts at the early age of six. I've been involved for 25 years. I hold a fouth degree black in the art of "Tai Chi Chuan Fa Kungfu". I also hold a second grade black in the Filipino martial art "Doce Pares". I've recently switched gears and immersed myself into Mixed Martial Arts. I've realized that the ground game is no joke! Members here at TAPEC MMA & Fitness now utilize the stand up and ground techniques preparing them for the unexpected.
My goal is to pass on what I've gained through the years to anyone seeking personal growth physically, mentally and spiritully. I enjoy meeting new people and I believe in growing together. I teach people of all ages and learn something from all. I look forward to meeting you.

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Mixed Martial Arts Bonney Lake, WA
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Playing the guitar, piano, bass and drums.
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I taught at three elementary schools in the Orting, WA school district. I taught a total of 72 children for an after school program. It was a great experiece!
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Jake Tapec is located in Bonney Lake, WA and has the following skills: Mixed Martial Arts
Health / Fitness
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Mixed Martial Arts

Category: Health / Fitness
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – fighting techniques focusing on grappling and ground fighting.
Muay Thai– a fighting martial art similar to boxing but allows strikes with the knees, feet, and elbows.

Kickboxing – similar to boxing but uses feet as well as the hands striking. Boxing – fighters use their fists to land punches.

Grappling- is a hybrid wrestling style that is also called submission wrestling and refers to the use of submission maneuvers or holds to end the match. Grappling is done by controlling an opponent without the use of striking.

Wrestling - traditional wrestling techniques and endurance training, strength and cardio are benefits of the wrestling program along with self discipline.

Boxing & Executive Boxing- Tremendous cardio and strength training, with techniques and skills for a great workout or to compete at amateur level.

Doce Pares- The name of the Filipino martial art that is offered here at TAPEC MMA & Fitness is called "Doce Pares". Drills include: Empty hand, Single and Double Stick combinations that will blow your mind! You will learn how to disarm, defend, and attack your opponent with ease. Learn how the stick becomes an extension of your arm. Exciting stuff! For more info check out Doce Pares History.

Tai Chi Chuan Fa Kungfu - This traditional art is as beautiful as it's origination, Honolulu, Hawaii. Learn to circulate and harness your "chi" to feel the life or energy flow throughout your body. This is a great well rounded practice of an art so rare. Learn to have grace and balance that will tie into everyday life!

Kids Programs- In our kids program, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Grappling allow the benefits of physical endurance, mental toughness and self discipline.

MMA Our MMA program focuses on learning the fundamental and advanced techniques of MMA including grappling, submission wrestling and striking creating that Mixed Martial Art arena.
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Years Experience: 25