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Cindy Wolk-Weiss

Cindy Wolk-Weiss,BSW,CMT,RM is known for her deep compassion and ability to provide a sacred & respectful place for people to transform their lives. She uses a synergistic approach that produces deep healing of the heart and soul.

Services offered:
Mindfulness Meditation
Reiki and Energy Healing
Integrated Kabbalistic Healing
Empowerment Life Coaching
Group classes in Spiritual Growth

Private sessions available in person or by telephone.

Cindy has created her own line of aromatherapy products - Sarah's Essence offering organic aromatherapy mists and shea butters.

Profile Summary:
Mindfulness Based Meditation Instructor Pittstown, NJ
Integrated Kabbalistic Healing Pittstown, NJ
Reiki Healing Pittstown, NJ
Sarah's Essence Aromatherapy Pittstown, NJ
Empowerment Life Coaching Pittstown, NJ
More About Me
Work Experience:
Founder and Director of the Center For Healing Journeys Cindy continues her spiritual learning with graduate classes at The Society of Souls as well as studying with renown meditation teachers.

Creator and Founder of Sarah's Essence Aromatherapy.
Cindy has a diverse professional background, graduating in 1978 with a bachelors degree in Social Work specializing in Mental Health. Since 1981, with a commitment to being a healing presence in the world, she became certified in massage therapy, energy healing, meditation, aromatherapy and empowerment life coaching. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher. Cindy completed professional training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli,in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)9 Day Summer Intensive practicum and the Professional Internship program at the Univ. of Mass. Medical Center. She is an Integrated Kabbalistic healer and graduate of Society of Souls.
Organizations / Affilations:
American Massage Association
Green Products Alliance
Cindy Wolk-Weiss is located in Pittstown, NJ and has the following skills: Mindfulness Based Meditation Instructor, Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, Reiki Healing, Sarah's Essence Aromatherapy, Empowerment Life Coaching
Therapy, Religious / Spiritual, Beauty / Style, Motivation / Inspiration
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My Skills

Mindfulness Based Meditation Instructor

Category: Therapy
Cindy has studied with medtation teachers such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Kristina Feldman,Sharon Saltzberg, Jack Kornfield,Jose Ressig, Joseph Goldstein, & Stephen Levine
Relevant Education / Credentials
BSW, Professional training in MBSR, continued meditation retreats with teachers
Years Experience: 16

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing

Category: Therapy
A New Paradigm to Healing the Heart & Soul
Do you want to live your life with a sense of peace and equanimity?

Are you challenged with physical problems – chronic illness or pain?

?Do you want to be free from self limiting beliefs and live your life from your authentic self?

Do you long for spiritual connection?

Do you want to improve your relationships?

Integrated Kabbalistic healing incorporates the ancient mystical wisdom of Kabbalah, the latest theories in quantum physics, psychological insight,& Buddhist teaching into a deeply transformative healing modality. This non sectarian modality produces deep healing of the heart and soul. An IKH healer undergoes three years of deep self-transformation and awakening which enables the healer to support the clients through their journey.

Each healing session builds upon the prior session with the effects deepening as you move towards wholeness.
Relevant Education / Credentials
3 year professional training in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing from The Society of Souls, Year 4 graduate studies, and ongoing advanced study and supervision
Years Experience: 30

Reiki Healing

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Reiki is an ancient Tibetan hands on healing art. Reiki means universal energy and is based on attunement to and transmission of the universal life force. Reiki teaches that dis-ease is an imbalance of energy. Reiki changes the vibrational frequency so the body can restore itself to balance and wholeness. As a practitioner of Reiki, I can assist you in restoring the energy pathways within you that often gets
blocked by challenges in life. As I begin to access the Reiki energy you will sense its unconditional love lifting your spirits, relaxing your body and freeing your mind from the challenges of daily living.

Some of the many benefits of Reiki are relief of chronic pain, headaches, and stress related illness, emotional release and spiritual growth.
This healing method brings balance & harmony into your life. Reiki deepens the inner journey addressing the body, mind and spirit.

Reiki treatments last about one hour while you relax on a comfortable massage table. The energy being transferred penetrates clothing effectively thus allowing the client to remain fully clothed. Using light touch universal energy is drawn through the hands of the healing practitioner facilitating the body, mind and spirit's natural ability to heal itself.

visit for details
Relevant Education / Credentials
Reiki Master/Teacher Certification
Years Experience: 17

Sarah's Essence Aromatherapy

Category: Beauty / Style
Irresistible handcrafted, organic aroma mists and shea butters that restore emotional and spiritual well being.
Finest quality essential oils with gem essences
Reiki enhanced
Created by healer and aromatherapist
Environmentally sensitive products created with intention
Free of synthetic ingredients
Portion of profits are donated

A safe and gree product that lightly scents your environment while balancing energies

An easy way to add aromatherapy to your life!

Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Aromatherapist Reiki Master Teacher, energy healer
Years Experience: 25

Empowerment Life Coaching

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
As an Empowerment Life Coach I will guide and empower you to envision and create the life you want.

The tools used are:
* Self-awareness - discovering what's uniquely important and meaningful to you.
* Vision Crafting - translating this insight into a coherent and comprehensive vision of what's possible for each part of your life.
* Mental Clearing - healing and transforming the limiting beliefs that prevent you from having the life you envision.
* Manifestation - learning the skills of directed thought. After creating, you learn to work with the unconscious belief structures
that either enable or disable the manifestation of your vision.

visit www.CenterForHealingJourneys for more information
Relevant Education / Credentials
EMPOWERMENT TRAINING: Art of Empowerment: A Professional Training in Facilitating Human Potential with David Gershon and Gail Straub
Years Experience: 30