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I have sixteen years of experience in Bodywork and twenty-five years within the Holistic Health realm. I genuinely care about those I work with and share in your desire to achieve balance and well-being. My intention is to share my knowledge and love of mother earths gifts. Empowering you to remember your personal gifts.

I graduated from the Harold J. Reilly School of Massotherapy @ the Edgar Cayce Foundation in 1994 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. My studies and background have included anatomy and physiology, professional ethics, hydrotherapy (notably, packs and steam cabinet sweats using special fumes as recommended in the Cayce readings), basic and intermediate Jin Shin Do Accupressure, CranioSacral Therapy I and II with the Upledger Institute, Traditional Reiki Master, Hot Stone Therapy, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Magnetic therapy, Herbal remedies (western and Chinese) and other
holistic concepts/remedies based on methods in the
Edgar Cayce readings, apprentiship with master

herbalist and organic food specialist for four years, meditation courses based on Ramana Maharishi's teachings, fitness Specialist - nutritional wellness instructor and Intuitive development/ indigenous healing workshops with Sunbear, Free Spirit Center & Delphi University. Self taught in many wellness and alternative holistic therapies based on various clients needs since the early 80's due to my sincere desire to help others achieve balance and well-being.

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Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage Workshops Sedona, AZ
Essential Massage of Sedona Sedona, AZ
Cosmic Essential oils Sedona, AZ
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Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage Workshops

Category: Education
Course Content - Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage course
Robin Michaels,Sedona, AZ 86336
Approved provider #450067-06

Program Content to contain

• Integrity of essential oils: quality demo
• Essential oils and Carrier oils, therapeutic qualities. Reference material manual provided with extra handouts.
• visual, plant specimens
• Aroma session basic needs
• Different Session approach: Basic aromatherapy approach, Chakra system session, Systems session - (Addressing lymphatic/immune, CNS/Endocrine, Cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, olfactory, and emotional/spiritual body) and focus work addressed.
• Demonstration - assessment sessions
• Hands-on - assessment sessions
• Overview of organ relationship to the emotional meridian kaleidoscope time cycle.
• interactive - group discussion - Q & A time
• Blending essential oils (in carrier oil) & hydro-mist (to take home with you)
• One hour lunches and two breaks a day
• Project paper due 21 day after course date completed for certificate of completion
• Specific requirements for Certificate of completion is attendance everyday of workshop and the completion of both projects due 21 days after completion of class. Upon which your Twenty-five hour Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you promptly.
• Reference material booklet contains: 32 carrier-speciality oils and their medicinal properties, shelf life of oils, understanding medicinal grade essential oils, 84 essential oils and their medicinal properties, important notes on medicinal essential oils, session layouts (Basic, Chakra, systems, and focus), glossary of terms, suggested reading material, aromatherapy resources, Ayurvedic constitution, organ relationship to the emotional kaleidoscope, aids for aromatherapy sessions, with in-depth material on select essential oils (hand-outs). The reference booklet is 39 pages (January 2008), and is up-dated progressively thro
Relevant Education / Credentials
“Robin Michaels is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.”
Years Experience: 14

Essential Massage of Sedona

Category: Services
Robin Michaels, Aromatherapist And LMT

Robin’s speciality is Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage. Under a healing touch and intuitive guidance I will facilitate deeper dimensions and states of consciousness where true healing may take place. Relaxing your body through olfactory while every pore drinks in the kingdom of the divine essence of nature, creating a symphony of inner wisdom merging spiritual, mental, emotional and physical to an optimal healing level. This will awaken your true nature to feel states of grace which leave you feeling more rejuvenated and aware.
A soothing environment awaits you in the pristine red rocks of Sedona, AZ.
Medicinal Aromatherapy - Hot Stone Massage - Therapeutic - Reiki - CranioSacral - Reflexology - Acupressure - Crystal Healing Massage - Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage Workshops.
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Add $25.00 fee to outcall service (per client) ~ 60 minute minimum for outcall

Specializing in Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage

60 / 90 minute sessions available
$120.00 / $170.00
Escape into the kingdom of blissful relaxation. Using essential oils which vibrate to the highest frequency, with each drop you will feel the divine essence of love enter your body , mind and soul. Harnessing the healing energy of nature!

Therapeutic Massage

30 / 60 / 90 / 120 minute sessions available ~ outcall available
$55.00 / $100.00 / $150.00 / $200.00

Therapeutic Massage is an integration of different massage techniques promoting relaxation, improving circulation, enhancing overall skin tone and soothes muscle tension. Techniques are intuitively geared toward your needs and may include: Swedish, range of motion, focus work, acupressure, craniosacral, reflexology, reiki and aromatherapy. Therapeutic massage helps to restore balance and ensure a sense of well being throughout your system.

Foot Reflexology

30 minute session ~ outcall available with combina
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 16

Cosmic Essential oils

Category: Art / Creative

Happy Head - a headache/migraine, muscle tension and mental clarity aid
Lymphatic blend
Goddess Bliss - Hormonal Balance
Soaring Spirit - a PMS and Inspirational aid
Cosmic Buddha Balm - A meditation and Yoga Balm
Cosmic Heal lip Seal - A glossy/healing Lip Balm
“Rejuvenation” - Bath Salts Blend

COSMIC ESSENTIAL OILS are medicinal grade essences which simply put are the very life force of the plant and tree kingdom captured by the process of distillation. Cosmic Essential oils essences come from wild, or Bio-Dynamic (farming by the rhythms of the moon, sun, and other heavenly bodies) or organic origins. There are no additives or subtractives. Cosmic Essential oils are charged with intention, vibrational healing, prayer and COSMIC LOVE, then hand-poured by Robin herself or other conscious fairies if needed. You will smell and feel the difference! All products are 100% pure, organic and natural.

Happy Head - A headache/migraine, muscle tension and mental clarity aid.
Lavandula offic. maillette, Thymus mastichina, Mentha piperita poivree.
Therapeutic uses:
How to use Happy Head, at the onset of a migraine or headache: Burn in aroma therapy diffuser to release essential oil blend into the room - 12 to 15 drops. Apply drops to the back of neck, crown chakra and down along both sides of the spinal column. Apply a couple of drops to the fingertips then gently massage into scalp area behind temples. A drop touched to the bottom of the nose or just sniff the bottle. Then lie down to rest while restoring balance.
Aids in allergies, migraines, headaches and muscle tension and mental clarity.
Also, place a drop under the head rest of the massage table during massage to help keep the sinus clear while face down on the massage table, your clients will appreciate this.

Lymphatic Blend
Cypress sempervirens, Laurus nobilis, Citrus paradisi, Citrus aurantifolia, and Melaleuca alternifolia.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5