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by Jo Ann Chapman

Experience, Continuing Education and quality products are very important.

Professional ~ Discreet ~ Experienced ~

I’m a licensed Aesthetician, specializing in fullbody waxing for both men and women. I’ve been waxing for over 10 years and I only use the highest quality products. I have a private room in a salon with a laidback, but professional atmosphere.

I provide complete waxing services for both male and female clients. Waxing is a safe, quick and easy way to rid yourself of unwanted body hair.

Through this website I will try to answer your questions. But if you have a question not covered, please pick up the phone or email me at

Browse through my website. Then give me a call to schedule an appointment. Nobody in Medford knows more about waxing than I do and nobody will make you as comfortable as I will.

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Professional~ Discreet~ Experienced~

Why waxing when you can shave?

There are several benefits to choosing Brazilian waxing over shaving and they include:

You are less likely to experience unsightly ingrown hair.

The results of a waxing can last at least twice as long with no cuts or scrapes from dull razors or hasty technique.

Waxing pulls from the root of the hair, shaving simply cuts the hair at the skin level.
With waxing there is complete smoothness as opposed to stubble from shaving.

5 Steps to Brazilian Waxes

Clothing removal -
Obviously this can be difficult for the more modest of individuals, but in order to wax certain areas they do need to be exposed. I provide a modesty towel for some coverage. It is more common to be bare and allow the esthetician to view the areas that need to be waxed as well as view the progress.
Your comfort level is very important to me.

Hair length -
It is important to have a certain amount of hair growth for a successful Brazilian wax. You want enough hair for the wax to adhere to, approximately 1/2 inch. If you have greater than this amount your esthetician may want to trim you. If you shave and are thinking of trying a wax it is recommended you wait at least 3 weeks to allow a minimum of a 1/2 an inch of growth in order for the wax to adhere properly to the hair, less than that length can result in a poor outcome with stray hairs.

Preparing the skin -
To prevent the wax from adhering to the skin and only allowing it to adhere to the hair follicle, I apply a thin coat of oil. This is especially important with men when waxing as the skin is more sensitive and can easily be torn without the use of oil.

The waxing -
There are two common types of wax that are used and include; hard wax & soft wax. I use hard wax as it is the quickest, less sticky and the most efficient. The wax will be warmed in what looks like a mini crock pot and applied to the skin. An applicator that looks like
Relevant Education / Credentials
Licensed by the State of Oregon Continuing Education classes and workshops
Years Experience: 10