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I have 10 years of experience with Mechanic skills in Medford, OR.
My education and credentials include Graduated level 4 AT. TECH. Over 3 of in-the-shop experience. years of independent education and experience..

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Hi, my name is Kenny and I’m a knowledgeable mechanic who is looking to make only a decent mechanics wage and help some people out at the same time. This is doable because I am independent and have no shop overhead or payroll, etc. So first I’ll give some flat rates for common repairs and maintenance procedures, ALL costs are for labor only; you pay for or supply the necessary parts.

? Transmission removal and replacement with a working unit: $500.00. This includes clutch replacement for manual transmissions. This cost is for light trucks and cars only. For heavy trucks and a few cars the cost will be somewhat higher.
? Head gasket repairs: $600.00. This is for virtually all vehicles, regardless of the number of cylinders. As far as the cost of parts go on a normal head gasket repair, you’ll be looking at $80-$200 for the gasket set for most vehicles (simply call an auto parts store like Schucks, O’rielly, or Autozone and ask for a head gasket set for your vehicle.) Then there will be the cost of having your cylinder head checked for cracks or warping and resurfacing by a machine shop (about $45 for four cylinder heads to about $80 for eight cylinder heads.)
? Computer diagnostics: This varies depending on time invested. I have capabilities for all OBD protocols for vehicles made in 1996 or newer and select older vehicles. I can also read powertrain control module diagnostic codes, such as for automatic transmissions.
• Reading and erasing stored and current engine and powertrain codes: $20 plus some charge for fuel and travel time if you are more than a half hour away from my location in west Medford.
• The cost for viewing and graphing live feed data from your OBD system for the purpose diagnosing intermittent problems such as overheating, poor fuel economy, poor acceleration, etc and comparing performance modifications is dependent on the amount of time spent on the task. But all costs for this are very reasonable.
• Emissions readiness testing, compu
Relevant Education / Credentials
Graduated level 4 AT. TECH. Over 3 of in-the-shop experience. years of independent education and experience.
Years Experience: 10