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My name is Frank Newman, and I love to tutor math.

I graduated from Stanford University in 2005. I earned a bachelors degree with a double major in mathematics and psychology, as well as a masters degree in psychology.

I scored 800 on the Math SAT, the Math SAT subject test, the Math GRE, and the Math GMAT. I also competed nationally in math competitions in high school and college.

I have been tutoring math for 15 years. For 3 of those years, I was a math teacher at a small California high school where each teacher also serves as a one-on-one tutor for any student who needs it. I deeply enjoyed this opportunity to help so many students, and I was promoted to the position of math department chair at the end of my second year.

In the summer of 2009, I moved from California to Durham, NC, where I founded Lifesaver Tutoring ( In January 2015, I moved to Guttenberg, New Jersey, where I have opened a new branch of the business.

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Math Tutoring Guttenberg, NJ
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Math Tutoring

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I charge $40 per hour for a trial session. After that, my rates range from $80 per hour to $120 per hour, depending on tutoring subject matter.

I tutor all levels of math/statistics, SAT, GRE, and GMAT.

If you think you can't succeed in math, you're mistaken. You just need someone who can explain the material simply and clearly, and provide a supportive environment in which you can build your confidence. I know the material backwards and forwards. In each subtopic, I know the most common mistakes students make, the most common concepts that give students trouble, and the most effective ways to explain it so that the student will get it. The most effective "WAYS" - not "WAY" - because I know that not every student will respond to the same approach, and most students need to see the material from multiple angles in order to get a complete and solid understanding. I gauge your level of proficiency and help you gradually build on it, so that you become capable and independent. And it's fun!

Some testimonials:

"I enjoyed how he facilitated my own working through the problem, rather than just telling me how to do it. He was very patient to work with me in a way that did not cause stress, even with my nonmath skills."

"He would be careful not to give us the answer, but guide us towards a solution; i.e. we would always do the work ourselves so we could learn it better."

"Frank is one of the best 'teachers' I have had. He is able to explain all the material in a manner in which it is easily understandable. His methods are to teach by allowing us to work out problems ourselves with guidance when we need it. Frank is extremely helpful and is a big part of why I plan on continuing in Math."
Relevant Education / Credentials
Stanford University -- Bachelor of Arts and Science in Mathematics and Psychology (GPA: 4.0) Stanford University -- Master of Arts in Psychology (GPA: 3.4) Tutor for 15 years: math, statistics, test preparation High school teacher for 3 years: math, statistics Teaching Assistant at Stanford: statistics
Years Experience: 15