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Bio provides one-on-one Live Online Math tutoring and homework help for grade K-12 as well as Math preparation for SAT & ACT GRE and GMAT and State Level exams through its program ‘STEPS’. Guided by the tutor, and backed by state aligned curriculum, assessments and individualized tutoring plan, it has the flexibility to offer 24X7 services, round the year. Please visit to know how thousands of students are improving their grades in schools and high stake exams. TCY tutors are patient, kind and professional. They are subject experts and care about the unique needs of each child.
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“My experience with STEPS has been phenomenal. Through this technologically advanced way of learning, I never have to leave the comfort of my home. The tutors are excellent about scheduling and very understanding towards my needs. I'm learning and gaining confidence in my math with every session! Thank you STEPS!”
Yanna Lantz – SAT student from Massachusetts

You may take a TRIAL OFFER-FREE SESSION for up to 30 minutes in any topic of your choice. Call us at our Toll free number 888-757-8377 to register for a free session or for any queries on the program.
For more details, please visit or write us back at or or simply call Jeff Baker 704-780-4301 or E-Tutoring 1-646-217-4183

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