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My Background
In 1987 I graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Biology from Harvard University, where I was

also a course assistant in calculus and math tutor. Now located in the East Bay, in Berkeley,

I’ve been teaching and tutoring in the Bay Area for the most of the years since, in a private

tutoring practice and in both middle and high schools. These schools include Convent of the

Sacred Heart High School, The Freeman School, The Hebrew Academy, East Bay School of the Arts,

Arrowsmith Academy, Urban High School, and also several summer schools, including Drew Academy.

I’ve taught--and now tutor--math from the fifth grade through all levels of high school math,

including calculus, as well as high school biology, physics and chemistry.

At Harvard, I wrote for The Harvard Lampoon and thus began the other thread in my adult life—in

the arts. I optioned a comedy screenplay to Warner Bros. in 1989 and have since written several

more screenplays. As a freelance writer and editor, I've also written magazine articles and

various educational materials. Over the past few years, another passion has made life even more

confusing: music! I’m the singer, songwriter and founder of the folk/country/pop band Crooked

Roads. If you‘d like to catch us live, check out the “Live Shows” link at, or listen to samples of songs from my newest CD, Put Your Faith in


Profile Summary:
Math, Science, Writing & SAT Tutor Berkeley, CA
My Skills

Math, Science, Writing & SAT Tutor

Category: Education

My name's Chris Dingman. I’m a Harvard-educated, Berkeley and East Bay tutor and writer, with

over 20 years of experience as a teacher and tutor, available throughout the Bay Area. I have a

relaxed, authentic, good-humored approach that puts students at ease and allows them to focus

on and truly understand the material at hand. Though I have a broad range of interests and

experience, I specialize in tutoring all levels of high school math through AP Calculus, all

high school sciences, including biology, chemistry and physics, writing, and SAT preparation.

As a Tutor, I Help Motivated Students:
• Relax
• Get Organized
• Really understand a subject
• Increase their confidence
• Get more out of class
• Improve their grades

What I Offer

(One-on-One Tutoring vs Classroom Learning)
I’ve come to believe, over 20 years of experience in education in Berkeley and the Bay Area in

general, that one-on-one tutoring is a much more relaxed and effective way to learn than

classroom instruction. Over my 20 years of experience as a tutor, I’ve found that a lot of

students decide they can’t succeed in a class when it’s really just that:

•The pace is too fast
•The teaching style doesn’t suit them
•They don’t have a context for the material that makes sense to them
•They can’t get their questions answered or
•They feel too self-conscious and anxious in the classroom to focus on learning

The most important thing I do as a tutor, may be to set a relaxed tone in which students feel

free to be themselves, make mistakes, ask questions and therefore learn! I do this by having a

sense of humor, being authentic, listening and generally just being my charming self. (There’s

a little sample of the humor for you, free of charge!)

From that as a starting point, I can then:
•Exactly tailor my explanation for that student
•Go at the student's individual pace, as slow—or as fast—as needed
•Place the ma
Relevant Education / Credentials
BA Biology, Summa Cum Laude, Harvard University, '87
Years Experience: 20