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I have had a vivid interest in robotics since an early age. For the most part I had an interest in the SciFi aspect but as I grew up, I discovered that robotics and controls do in fact play a vital role in industry. With this in mind I decided to pursue EE as it shares such a close relationship with advances in physics (particularly quantum and solid state) yet still provides oportunities to work with cool systems level things.
My life long interest in science and technology has led me to my current position doing thesis research at the ASL. ASL is a partnership between the UC and Nasa which allows UC scholars to do research into nanoscience, space exploration, communication systems, etc.
I certainly hope that with all the great things happening at ASL, 2010 will be my best year yet.

Profile Summary:
Math,Physics. Writing tutor Los Banos, CA
Electrical Engineering Los Banos, CA
mechatronics Los Banos, CA
More About Me
Mechatronics,Go, Chess, Shogi, reading SciFi (Asimov, Heinlein, or other works I encounter), gaming (mostly stuff by capcom like Megaman)
I also enjoy jogging,fútbol, and the art of conversation with my sisters
I want to learn how to weld
how to make better web pages
learn javascript
Work Experience:
Robert Rhodes
P.O. Box 1063 • Los Banos,Ca • 93635 • (209) 704-0900•

Lab tech position for student engineering lab technician with 4 years lab experience and highly reliable service
B.S. Electrical Engineering in March 2010
Minor: Physics
University of California Santa Cruz
Electronic Properties of Materials with lab
Modern physics (quantum mechanics)
Physics laboratory
Mechatronics and included lab
Linear Signals and Systems
Communication systems
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves with lab
Engineering Electromagnetics
Analog Electronics/lab


Analog Hardware
• Designed and constructed filters using Cauer passive topology and Sallen Key active
• Designed circuitry for sensing application and soldered to board
• Interfaced filters, amplifiers, and mixers for use in radio design
• Used OrCad Schematic Capture and Pspice to simulate circuit designs

Digital Hardware and Computer
• Programmed embedded devices in C and assembly language
• Have basic programming skills in Java, C, and hc11 assembly language
• Used FPGAs to simulate digital designs
• Part of team that designed and built autonomous robot to navigate around obstacles and acquire infrared signal then deposit an object in a receptacle on the beacon tower.
• Interfaced analog circuitry to digital circuitry
• Interfaced hardware to software
• Participated in mutual exchange of knowledge between hardware and software students
• Coordinated project details using ICD, Gantt chart, etc
• Worked well with team mates to finish product
Student Tech Support, Baskin Engineering, Santa Cruz ,Ca Jan. 08-June 08
• 1 of 2 student employees responsible for performing preventative maintenance on lab equipment including configuring, replacing, inspecting, and storing equipment
• Used lab equipment to test circu
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Robert R is located in Los Banos, CA and has the following skills: Math,Physics. Writing tutor, Electrical Engineering, mechatronics
Mechanics, Education, Engineering
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My Skills

Math,Physics. Writing tutor

Category: Education
I can provide tutoring services for math and physics as well as for technical/non technical writing( though I prefer to be involved with the technical writing aspect of your project)
I received a 99% score on my CAHEE so I can definitly help any high school students looking to pass the exam. In fact, I specifically would like to work with high school and community college students needing help to pass final exams or other critical exams. ( please consult my Craigslist add for more information "Highschool math physics and CASHEE math and writing tutor ")
Relevant Education / Credentials
* Student tutor for Learning Support Services at the University of California *Cal Teach mentorhip program participant * As a student tutor, I tutored engineering math * Experience in applying what I tutor
Years Experience: 3

Electrical Engineering

Category: Engineering
I offer the ability to do cheap analog/digital repair for any vintage/new product with an expired warranty.
I am a student who hopes to go on to graduate school however I would appreciate any tech related oportunities that might finance additional schooling. As far as EE is concerned, I wish to specialize in control systems particularly robotics. I still have an interest in nanotechnology however and so I am serching for new synergetic fields which combine my interests(nano robots someday maybe?)
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.S. Electrical engineering in June
Years Experience: 4


Category: Mechanics
I have some experience in mechatronics and hobby robotics. If you need some one to help with an electromechanical application or if you need another team member to enter a robotics competition, I would like to be involved.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1