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I am the mom of 6 kids and wife to a good man. I live and work in the state of NJ and have many facets. I love to meet new people and hear them speak about thier lives.

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Massage therapy Old Bridge, NJ
Realtor Old Bridge, NJ
Make Money to retire in 3-5 yrs Old Bridge, NJ
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learning always, reading, dancing, listening to music and making money
ill let you know when I decide what comes next
there is so much too choose from.
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I have raised 6 kids and am now raising my grand daughter, I have trained in many different areas and enjoy them all.
Berkley college
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Eastern Star, PTA
Julie Huff is located in Old Bridge, NJ and has the following skills: Massage therapy, Realtor, Make Money to retire in 3-5 yrs
Marketing / Sales, Real Estate / Property, Health / Fitness
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Massage therapy

Category: Health / Fitness
About My Business
Massage therapy is an ancient form of relaxation. All that is done here is to help you achieve relaxation and to maintain optimum health.

Different Massage Modalities and descriptions
The modalities employed are Swedish, Hawaiin, Esalen, Triggerpoint therapy, NMT, Aaron Mattes Active Isolated Stretch Techniques and Reflexology. I am also a Reiki Practioner and hypnotist. Hypnosis is a wonderful way to relax, reduce stress, live out a particular experience or to get rid of certain habits or to help with weight loss.

The various forms of massage are:


Acupressure is utilized to remedy illness and balance energy through the application of deep finger pressure at points located along an invisible system of energy pathways, called meridians; the same used in acupuncture. Traditionally Acupressure is preformed on a floor mat, although most practitioners now do their sessions on a massage table, with the recipient fully dressed in loose fitting clothing. Most eastern cultures practice some type of Acupressure; Tuina is a Chinese variation and Shiatsu is the Japanese version of Acupressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

NMT or Deep Tissue Massage is a modality used to reach deeper layers of muscle tissue, by applying bodyweight and using larger surface areas such as fists and elbows, your massage therapist will employ slow even pressure to penetrate superficial muscle layers and reach lower lying, chronically tight muscles. Do not confuse Deep Tissue Massage with deep pressure. This form of massage can be very intense and should only be practiced by a qualified massage therapist.

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian style of massage. It is intended to relax the client and balance the mind and body. Your massage therapist will use gentle massage, rhythmic rocking and stretching of the body to soothe and relax fatigued muscles. Lomi Lomi therapists practice using their center of gravity in a way that al
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified in the state of NJ
Years Experience: 10


Category: Real Estate / Property
I will help you to sell or purchase a home or both, I have been licenced for 15 yrs and know the area well
Relevant Education / Credentials
Licensed in NJ
Years Experience: 15

Make Money to retire in 3-5 yrs

Category: Marketing / Sales
I will teach you how to aquire the wealth needed in this world to retire while still young enough to enjoy it
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2