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I have been a practicing neuromuscular massage therapist for the past 20 years. I specialize in pain and stress management using bodywork, nutritional one on one coaching and group classes to educate people on how to best handle their chronic pain and stress issues. My passion is empowerment. I truly enjoy giving people the tools they need to manage their pain and regain control of their lives. Chronic pain can be both debilitating and exhausting causing a person to lose their zest for living and belief that they can lead a normal life. Through dietary changes nutritional supplements, movement and bodywork; major improvements in their pain levels and quality of life can be achieved. I always tell my clients, "It's all about motivation!" I have lived what I teach. While in school I had my first of three car accidents within an 18 month period. Each time I sustained a neck injury, giving me a whiplash that was serious enough to affect my work. I learned to manage the pain and continued to work a full time schedule. I later developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and learned also to manage the symptoms while maintaining my practice. These challenges have taught me first hand how to live a normal, productive and reasonably pain free life when I follow certain guidelines.

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Massage Therapist Roswell, GA
Health Coach Roswell, GA
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Massage Therapist

Category: Therapy
I assist people in finding the cause of their pain and addressing it with body work and if necessary, some lifestyle adjustments to bring balance and pain free living back into their daily experience. I utilize several different types of massage, along with assisted stretching and home care recommendations to speed up the healing process. If needed, I also provide health coaching and specific supplement recommendations to aid in relieving muscle spasms/imbalances so that the client can gain relief as quickly as possible.
Relevant Education / Credentials
1989 Atlanta School of Massage. Certified in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Neuromuscular Therapy. Additional training in Reflexology, Energy Balancing, Lymphatic Drainage, Traegger, Shiatsu and Connective Tissue Massage.
Years Experience: 22

Health Coach

Category: Health / Fitness
As a pain relief specialist, I have found over the years that chronic muscular pain is never just about a muscle spasm. There can be many factors involved including poor nutrition, structural imbalances, toxicity, emotional issues, lack of proper sleep, etc. In coaching, we address the most obvious or easiest issues first. If the client does not respond quickly and favorably, we begin to dig deeper and look at underlying health issues such as Candida or hormone imbalances that may be causing the pain. I teach my clients that every-body is unique and help them to learn how to recognize what their body is trying to communicate to them. Your body is ALWAYS speaking to you, it's up to you to learn it's language. Pain is often the most obvious way for our bodies to get our attention. It let's us know that something is wrong and we need to make adjustments.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 22