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Peri Farris

20 yr's experience in Massage Therapy/Medical Massage & Lymphologist. Have worked at Spas, Doctors offices, Health & Fitness etc... Personal Business. Trade shows - Charity events, etc..
I am 46 yr old female, a great believer in natural health & alternative health care. Spiritual and work with the disabled and non-diabled. Love my work and will be adding Esthetician to my skills this summer, after attending school & graduating. Will be adding body wraps and other skin treatments to the list of skills I have.
Will keep you all up to date.

Profile Summary:
Massage Therapist/Lymphologist Thousand Oaks, CA
Minister Thousand Oaks, CA
Animal lover & Caregiver Thousand Oaks, CA
More About Me
I am a minister and enjoy spendingtime talking with others about God and his lovely creation. I share with those who ask or who are open minded. I never force My beliefs upon anyone. It is a personal and respected area of ones life.
I enjoy long walks and the beach, shell hunting, fishing and camping, the outdoors are a great source of Joy for me, I love my family and friends and spending quality time with them. I love animals of which I have my Service Dog Poni, he is a 3 yr old Boxer and a great aid to me. I have a in-door Cat who just had 3 little baby kittens on 3-24-09 and she is a excellant mother, and the babies are georgeous. I also have 2 birds, a cockateil and a Parrolette ( the smallest type of parrot in the world). yes I love animals, I grew up on a small ranch in Idaho from age 11 until age 17 then Moved Back to my origional home spot - Thousand Oaks, CA. Actually I was born and raised on the beach in Channel Islands, but I only visit the beach now, I still love it with a passion.
I love toplay cards, games, listen to music and have friends who sing, DJ and so forth. I enjoy quiet times and maily time with friends and family, and going to the park with my dog and taking long walks or hikes with him too.
I love my work as a Massage Therapist and lymphologist which helps people and is a way I can give back tothe community which has helped me so much over the years.
I try to be less serious about life in general , and laugh gingerly whenever my heart desires. I am a happy person and find the greatest joy in the simple things.
Work Experience:
1980 Manager & sales person a shoe store for 1 year in Thousand Oaks, Ca.
1981-83 worked as a P/T Asst. Mgr & sales person at a pool and spa store, and demo'd spas at trade shows and the mall.
1982-83 Worked as Asst. MGR @ Video Store in Thousand Oaks,CA.
1983 Got Married and moved to Canyon Country. Did some janitorial work for company in Thousand oaks, CA. P/T
1987 Manicuring school & graduated. Moved to Boise, Idaho and worked at a salon for 3 years while pursuing my schooling and training as a massage therapist. Graduated and certified/Lic. MT. In Idaho.
1993-94 Divorced and Moved To Idaho.
Pursued my Training in Massage Therapy in Boise, Idaho and then in 1996-1997 took training in Thousand OaKs, with a private Massage Therapist.
1997-2001 moved Back to Boise Id. I worked there as a Massage Therapist in a salon and out of my home office.
2001 moved Back to Thousand Oaks, CA in 2001/2002 Went to work for a Natural Health Care Doctor doing massage therapy for 6 months, then moved to a Salon & Spa working as Massage Therapist,for 2 years.
2002-2004 worked various trade shows doing Massage Therapy. worked at a Salon & Spa as Massage Therapist, and out of my home.
2004 Continued my Education in Massage Therapy Modalities & Got Trained as a Lymphologist - which I have been doing now for 6 years.
2009 spring - I will be going to school for Esthetician training and learn more about the skin. Excited about learning how to do body wraps for detoxification and cleansing & adding these things to my Massage THerapy abilities.
Have also worked P/t for COnstruction company family owned as office manager through out the years, and when time permitted it.
Attended and Finished school, through the 12 th grad Lacked a few credits to graduate with my class due to moving around so much) . Got my GED in 1999
Went to Massage therapy School @ Institute of Massage Therapy in Boise Idaho.
Manicuring School, at Simi Valley Beauty School, Simi Valley CA.
Certification and Ca lic.
Night School for Legal History and Legal Aid.
Book Keeping and Business
Attended American School of Health Technology : Occupational therapist and Medical Transcription, Business and Writing. (Finsihed my First year and second half of 2nd year.) Had to take a leave of abscense due to health reasons & Surgery)
Attended College at Phenoix Business College, took Business & Marketing. Took First semester and had to leave due to Family death.
Attended Santa Barbara School Of Lymphology By Allen Mills. Finished andgraduated.
Organizations / Affilations:
Peri Farris is located in Thousand Oaks, CA and has the following skills: Massage Therapist/Lymphologist, Minister, Animal lover & Caregiver
Religious / Spiritual, Nature / Animals, Services, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Massage Therapist/Lymphologist

Category: Health / Fitness
Massage,Hands on modalities for specified treatments for pain control and relaxation and accupressure points , trigger point release, and Shiatzu, acupressure point work, entire body, and swedish l& ll relaxation massage - MFR Release This is a gently massage for persons with sensitive skin and muscles, or who suffer with a great deal of pain to the touch.
Sports massage, uses compressions and gentle passive streches, or passive / resistive stretches coahed by the therapist, Trager approach Intro is gentle rocking of limbs and soft easy stretches done by therapist, and use of pillows to lift and relax the extremities. Deep Tissue Massage is for stressed and over used muscles and for atheletes and persons who have injuries and or spams in muscle groups that need heavy work done on the facia and muscle fibers to relax and create fluidity agian. Trigger point release is intensive therapy for injury or accident related traumas, and used to rejuvenate and reactivat the healing process of the nerves and muscle fibers that have or are affected, as well as to increase muscle flow and fluid to the fibers, and keeping muscles from atrophiing- or helping circulation to the deeper muscle fibers for those who are quads or parapallegics. Or even those with muscular dystrophy. And other illness related to the muscles and nervous system. Arthritic paina nd sicomfort have been greatly aided in this form of therapy as well.
Lymphatic drainage through use of blue light application and low frequency sound, or pulse waves via noble gas tube, (glass tube ) used to go across the surface of the skin and break the congestion in the lymph vessels just below the surface of the skin, and the nodes, and increase flow to the lymph fluid, via the lymphatic massage treatment.
Great for pain relief and non-invasive modality, also great for womens issues and cystitis. Baladder, prostrate and other.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Massage Therapist Schooling and LIC. Boise Idaho and CA. 16 yrs Cert./Lic.& w/20 yrs training. Lymphologist Cert. FDA approved. & CA. Trained. 6 yrs experience. Manicurist -CA. state board lic. 22 yrs experience Soon TO Be CA. LIC Esthetician of 2009'
Years Experience: 20


Category: Religious / Spiritual
Active christian in the christian ministry work, as a volunteer, sharing bible knowledge and truths, and offering free home bible studies,helping others read, and understand the bible.
Relevant Education / Credentials
20 years experience.
Years Experience: 20

Animal lover & Caregiver

Category: Nature / Animals
animal enthusiast.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1