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meg shea

i am the mother of two adult children and the grandma of one wonderful grandson. I am the wife of the man I love with all my heart. I have 24 years worth of sales experience.

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marketing results Arlington Heights, IL
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i am an artist. I paint on glass in reverse. I use recycled glass.
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My Objective is to utilize my sales, speaking, and networking talents for a dynamic company that is experiencing a need for growth.

I am a people person with the ability to build rapport and trust with my clients and customers quickly, to follow up and follow through consistently, and exceed production and satisfaction quotas always. I have 24 years worth of sales experience of many forms...telephone, inside, outside, B2B, door to door, and Internet. I have acquired many abilities that prove priceless some are writing, speeches, presentations, video, photography, debating, negotiating, public speaking, planning, recruiting, training, and lead generating to name a few. I am hard working, love to work and want to be challenged

4/2008-current DPC verifier, team leader, recruiter, and company trainer. I put
the entire rep training program together and was incharge of
training hundreds of reps.
An on line position setting appointments for timeshare companies.
I set my own appointments for events which includes sizzling the child and
getting a commitment from the parents to bring their pre-teen or teen. I travel
to 10 states and interview, audition, and enroll.
Sales person
I helped raise the customer satisfaction index and helped the sales force to be
#1 for the first time. I helped train new sales people.
I am currently a Sr.
I was in the inaugural metropolitan honors program.
I was in the 1996 political debate.
I have two majors, political science and psychology.
Deans list—3.76 GPA out of 4.0
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meg shea is located in Arlington Heights, IL and has the following skills: marketing results
Marketing / Sales
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marketing results

Category: Marketing / Sales
Illinois, US – November 2008: The biggest challenge small business owners and sales people are being faced
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With Beezoos, small business owners and sales people have a powerful ally in their quest to get new customers
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In a mathematical representation, Beezoos is the shortest distance between a product/service and its next
customers. In a marketing representation, Beezoos is the power of a network of active supporters, promoting a
product/service and identifying its next customers. In a business networking representation, Beezoos is the best
way to network: with entrepreneurial people who want to support each other through a dynamic exchange of new
customer referrals.
Let’s look at what happens around us: more often than not, marketers look for the shortcut to growth and learn
the hard way, that there is no such thing. What happens along the way is that marketers suffer of what we, at
Beezoos, call the I-have-a-hammer-in-my-hand business syndrome: when one has a hammer in his hand,
everything looks like a nail. The lesson here is that not everybody is a potential customer for every business. In
fact, more and more people are rather not potential customers for a business, because businesses focus, more
often than not, on very specific niches and therefore serve very specific groups of people and wants. So, the
biggest challenge remains how to identify these potential customers and turn them into new customers.
To meet this pressing need, Beezoos refined business networking, from a “keep in touch” activity to an effective,
productive and measurable way to exchange new customer referrals through the power of modern and fast
means of communications. With Beezoos, entrepreneurial people can take the smart avenue to growth: new
customer referrals, through the power o
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Years Experience: 24