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Tim is a writer and management consultant who writes commentaries about the times we live in and management concepts. His writings are well known on the Internet and are humorous, educational, and at times controversial. You won't always agree with him, but Tim will definitely get you thinking. Tim is the Managing Director of M. Bryce & Associates (MBA), an international management consulting firm located in Palm Harbor.

A seasoned writer, Tim's works have appeared in management and computing publications all over the world. His book, "The IRM Revolution: Blueprint for the 21st Century" made the Top 10 list of management books in Japan. His recent eBook, "THE BRYCE IS RIGHT! Empowering Managers in today's Corporate Culture," has also received critical acclaim. Tim's blogs and podcasts are read and listened to by thousands. For Tim's professional see:

Profile Summary:
Management Consultant Palm Harbor, FL
Freelance Writing Palm Harbor, FL
Trainer Palm Harbor, FL
My Skills

Management Consultant

Category: Consulting
Specializing in management consulting for Information Technology, including systems design, enterprise engineering, and project management.
Relevant Education / Credentials
30+ years of experience, cross-industry, international. CSP.
Years Experience: 33

Freelance Writing

Category: Writing / Journalism
Editorials, promotional copy, press releases, technical manuals.
Relevant Education / Credentials
30+ years of experience. Know a variety of physical formats.
Years Experience: 33


Category: Training
Instructor in project management, systems design, enterprise engineering, methodologies, and other I.T. related topics.
Relevant Education / Credentials
30+ years of experience, cross-industry, international.
Years Experience: 33