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Alex Moiseyev brings a wealth of life and business experience to his practice. Born in the Ukraine, he emigrated from the former USSR at the age of 17 to build a new life in the West. Arriving in Italy, he had no Italian and lacked the legal paperwork to gain official employment there and without a penny in his pocket, within three months, he became the only member in his family generating an income. While living in Italy with his parents, he came up with his first business idea, which enabled him to put food on his family’s table. He supported his family of five and 12 families of his employees with his ingenuity and pluck. In 1989, he arrived in the U.S., where he attended a local college, where he studied business and started on the path that led to career of helping others. After college, He owned and managed various businesses over the years, learning to help others by gaining personal experience of their goals and values. He spent more than 22 years studying why some people are more successful than others. He attended hundreds of success seminars, read widely on the subject of Business Success, and took courses on Marketing, Business Administration, and many other subjects. At age 24, Alex was hired by PenCorp Financial to be a life insurance agent; soon he became one of their best earners and was recognized with frequent “Best Agent of the Month awards.” Within 14 months, he was named Director of Recruiting and established a solid record of accomplishment. At age 28, he began a lucrative career in Information Technology. Within 18 months, he rose through the ranks, starting as a QA Assistant and eventually becoming a member of upper management, where he was constantly being courted by other successful companies. Soon after, he opened a trade school known as “Stairway to Success.” He enrolled students who were making no more than $10 an hour and helped them earn high five and often six-figure incomes. In 2008, he introduced a new venture, A Life Answer

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