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Jeff Haebig Body-Brain Boogieman

Jeff Haebig, Ph.D. is president of Wellness Quest, a company specializing in health promotion since 1984. He has co-authored and published 8 wellness books in the Health Care-toons and Toon Ups! series, booklets, video and audiotapes, and DVDs in the areas of self-esteem, tobacco prevention, and body/brain-enhanced teaching and learning. His Wellness Quest website offers Health Care-toons, challenges, jokes and inspirational quotes daily. Wellness Quest for Your Best! program inspires people to pursue higher well-being.

Dr. Haebig stimulates interest in whole body/brain-enhancing practices spurred by neuroresearch. A champion in public speaking, his specialty is audience involvement, blending humor, excitement, and skill building, while maintaining audience comfort.

Body/brain Boogieman, is recognized internationally for his intriguing ways of adding ‘hip’ to ‘lip’ service, rock n’ role-modeling practical ways of inspiriting learning through sensory-motor stimulation. Standing along side Jeff Haebig, Boogieman invites people to enjoy the wonder-workings of their body/brain.

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Make neuroscience come alive Scottsdale, AZ
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my website provides info on my wellness hobbies, largely promoting vibrant living and learning
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Learn how the body brain functions best, suggested by neuroscience. Make this science come alive with movement sequences harnessing the wonder-workings of the body brain. Acquire hands on practices showing effective ways to maximize living and learning potential through movement and exercise.
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Jeff Haebig Body-Brain Boogieman is located in Scottsdale, AZ and has the following skills: Make neuroscience come alive
Therapy, Dance , Childcare, Education, Science / Research, Motivation / Inspiration, Health / Fitness
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Make neuroscience come alive

Category: Education
Build student success in reading, writing, spelling and math through movement sequences. Acquire handy ways to inhibit primitive reflexes, build visual acuity, strengthen auditory processing, improve tactile and motor function, and mature the vestibular system. Build a solid neurological foundation that supports vibrant learning. Move beyond rhetoric and labels – leave no child behind developmentally with neurostimulation activities.
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I network with neurodevelopmental specialists around the world who understand how to enhance learning.
Years Experience: 42