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"Prepare to dive into the world of Magic as I twist the very thing you call reality. Or, if you'd rather, join me in the world of the Proffesional Con-Artist. I'll show you the ways of a hustler, a pickpocket, and a Card-shark all wrapped up in an entertaining form, as well as a mini lecture to help you aviod the very scams I show you.


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Magician High Point, NC
An Honest Con-Man High Point, NC
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I've been doing magic for a long time now. I have a Youtube account where I'm always posting videos of me performing some of my favorite magic effects.

The url is www/

I've performed at parties and events, and I've also done alot of walk-around magic.
My Magic Myspace is
I am still attending High school but I am also taking College courses at GTCC. I am a senior in High School this year. I am a striaight A student.
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The main organization that I have helped and volunteered in is "Big Hearts", a local non-rofit organization.
Roger Meadows is located in High Point, NC and has the following skills: Magician, An Honest Con-Man
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Category: Talent
Have a great time, get a few laughs and be amazed all at the same time with magic! I perform Close-up, Card, and Coin magic. Almost every trick involves a volunteer so you can be sure there will be great interaction between me and the audience. You won't be left disappointed!

To Book me, email me at or call me at (336)841-4210 (Preferably e-mail)
Relevant Education / Credentials
Performed for local non-profit organizations and at local parties.
Years Experience: 2

An Honest Con-Man

Category: Talent
Are you familiar with the term "Con-Artist"? If not, then you might want to find out what it means.

I perform as a "Hustler". I show you the many ways you can be cheated.

From the notorious street hustles, such as the Three-Card Monte, to the sneaky Pickpocket, who can steal from right under your nose, all the way to the Card sharp, who can deal himself whatever hand he wants in a card game.

(And don't worry, No money exchanges hands during the show and all items pickpocketed are returned to the rightful owner. It's all in fun.)

To Book me, email me at or call me at (336)841-4210 (Preferably e-mail)
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years of Research, and practice.
Years Experience: 2