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My name is Charla, I live in Puyallup in the silvercreek area. My husband and I have been working in Seattle but as of Wednesday 10/29, he will be working from home. We are hoping to find a nanny to come to our home 3-4 hours a day while my husband gets the bulk of his work done. Ideally from around 8:30-12-ish. Our hope was that our son would be able to stay home with my husband and we could spend $0.00 on childcare, but after a practice day last week it was clear that it would be really difficult for my husband to watch our son and work at the same time. Our son is 15 months old, his name is Chaz Jr, we call him CJ, he's a really fun kid. I also have a step-daughter who lives with us who is 11 years old, but she goes to school at 8am and doesn't get home until 3pm. Just to give you more details since this would be a different arrangement then normal childcare, my husband works as a medical claims specialist for Aetna insurance company. His office is upstairs in our home, were hoping to find someone just to be there when CJ wakes up, give him breakfast, clean him up and just play games or watch cartoons with him for a few hours.

Please let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in, we were looking to stay in the price range of maybe $6-$7 per hour.

Thanks for your time,

Charla McCoy

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