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Why Linux?

Cost Effective: Linux is free. All the software for Linux is free.

Secure: No viruses. No spyware

Stable: Linux will run for months and even years without a reboot or maintenance beyond normal updates. You may never need a repair technician again.

Light: Linux will run on a Pentium III with 256MB of RAM. Compare to Vista which needs at least 2GB of RAM!

Fast: Better memory management, automatic disk defragmentation, and using less resources, Linux runs fast and smooth even on older hardware.

Compatible: nWith OpenOffice you can create, open and share Microsoft documents such as: Word, Excel, Power Point.

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Linux Installation: I will install Linux and configure it to meet your needs.

Linux Training: I will teach you the basics so you can start using Linux right away.

Linux Support: You will receive 30 days of personal support!

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Redding Home Computer

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Linux Expert Redding, CA
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Linux Expert

Category: Computers / IT
I have been using Linux for almost 10 years. I have installed practically every major distribution. I can get Linux installed, networked and running smoothly for you in no time.
Relevant Education / Credentials
AA degree - Computer Science. Over 20 years of experience.
Years Experience: 24