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I have 44 years of experience with Light house work. skills in Dover, DE. I also have 1 year of experience with Pet Sitter skills.
My education and credentials include I am a high school grad, and raised 4 children..

Profile Summary:
Light house work. Dover, DE
Pet Sitter Dover, DE
My Skills

Light house work.

Category: Home / Domestic
I will do light house work some dusting,cleaning,vacuuming if necessary. I could do laundry if needed for an extra charge. I take pride in my work, so you will be happy in my services.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I am a high school grad, and raised 4 children.
Years Experience: 44

Pet Sitter

Category: Miscellaneous
I can come to your home to watch your pet/pets while you're at work or on vacation. I can walk, feed, water,pet,love them in general. I am also a breeder. I have been breeding dogs for over 44 years and yorkies since 1999. I have tinies and toy sized studs currently standing. Go to and look for Check out my pics to see some of my dogs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I am a high school grad but as I said, I have raised dogs for over 44 years. One thing I do know about is dogs whether it be breeding, birthing or just walking them. If you want your pet cared for ... I'm your gal.
Years Experience: 1