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I have 5 years of experience with Life Coach skills in Portland, OR. I also have 1 year of experience with Author skills, 2 years of experience with Speaker skills all of which I also do in the Portland, OR area.
My education and credentials include Academy for Coach Training, Seattle, WA Professional Certified Coach.

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Life Coach Portland, OR
Author Portland, OR
Speaker Portland, OR
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Life Coach

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
Coaching is an opportunity to acknowledge your dreams. Many of us know in our hearts that we want more from our lives, but for whatever reason have trouble realizing these feelings in our heart. Coaching helps deal with the “whatever reason.” When we are ready to act on the feeling inside or understand these deep desires, coaching provides a place to explore and create ways to change your life.

It may be that you are ready for a significant life change. Or you may want to focus on a specific project. Your work may be professional or it may be personal. My coaching is based on creating an environment of authenticity and trust in which you can explore and get in touch with this part of your core being. This environment allows you to discover, unleash, explore, uncover, empower, and invite this most powerful part of yourself to come to life.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Academy for Coach Training, Seattle, WA Professional Certified Coach
Years Experience: 5


Category: Writing / Journalism
I am currently authoring my first book, Launch Your Life: 5 secrets to knowing what you want in your teens, college years, and early career. It will be available for purchase in January!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1


Category: Motivation / Inspiration
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2