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Brandon Johnston

I believe and live the philosophy that: Achievement of our personal and professional dreams can be realized. Obstacles to our success (emotions, environment, thought processes, physical demands, etc...) can be overcome.

I have discovered a deep commitment to assist other people realize success in their personal and professional lives. I am passionate about my three children and being a large and daily part of their development. I've learned that daily exercise is essential to give clear perspective to life's daily challenges and stresses.

Walk the talk with me. I work with all types of people with numerous life issues, but I specialize in the following:
- Achieving clear thinking during periods of high stress
- Taking control of anger and other emotions
- "Underwhelming" one's life
- Achieving personal and professional awareness and success
- Overcoming the challenges of single-parenting
- Problem solving

Profile Summary:
Life Coach and Personal Advocate Minneapolis, MN
My Skills

Life Coach and Personal Advocate

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
My mission is to evoke your success by providing tools, insight, direction and a springboard for your ideas and thoughts. To coach you through challenges and life events so that you can achieve your goals and a higher level of success in your life. To point you in the direction of, and to assist you in creating a problem-free life.
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.A. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Entrepreneur and Business Owner General Manager of a concrete company National Sales Manager for a manufacturer of do-it yourself home repair products eBusiness Consulting Practice Manager for a large multinational company
Years Experience: 1