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Dale Sims

On a personal note I am honored to have been born in Hollywood, California and live or travel throughout most of the USA. I have experience with the business/management aspects of Restaurants, Landscaping, Oceanography,Construction, Acting, Dancing,Retailing,Trucking, Martial Arts, Sales, Cemetery Operations, Farming and Personal Development. My hobbies include a little of all that, movies, reading, diving and people. Passionately Loving & being Loved by many along the way, I can actually say blessed to have had two amazing wives to share life with. My second wife stayed with me 26 years until she left this life, as she promised. My first wife ,promising to Love me forever and true to her word, a few years ago re- married me. We now share our life, our business and our passion together in Hawaii where I have lived 37 years. I am Priveleged to have three Sons, one step-daughter and six grandchildren. Plus a fantastic dog. Appreciation for all that is easy. Appreciation for all the unpleasantries not mentioned was a learned skill Thanks to The Avatar Course®. And life, of course, is still a party!
I am a Professional Avatar Master interested in supporting the accelerated expansion of human potential. I Love creating exactly what I want and I Love to & train to help others create what they want, do whatever they are here to do and do it quickly. Using the Avatar Course tools I support awakening a crack in consciousness that empowers the less developed aspects of human ability. Teaching these tools to others I am honored to guide students during their exploration to their discoveries. I know they will be as amazed and happy about what they find as I was (and am!). One stable empowered being at a time adding to the inevitable future. One planet inhabited by tolerant, compassionate & peaceful creators having a great time experiencing what we only dream of now. I deliver the Avatar training, including no-charge introductory mini-courses and the full Avatar Course througho

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Licensed Avatar Master Altamonte Springs, FL
Facilitator Altamonte Springs, FL
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See above but especially delivering Avatar®. I love people, connecting, empowering and exploring. The internet is cool. I love the beauty of nature, the planet and it's flora and fauna including humankind. I like discovering new potentials as yet undiscovered. And certainly good movies,books and music too!
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See above.
Self determined from hollywood high School thru the University of Hawaii and the Lee Academy of Tae Kwon Do.
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Star's Edge International Inc.
The Avatar Course
The International Avatar Course
Dale Sims is located in Altamonte Springs, FL and has the following skills: Licensed Avatar Master, Facilitator
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Licensed Avatar Master

Category: Training
There are many paths to self-development and spiritual-development often requiring long learning curves and adherence to arduous methodologies. Some are recent creations thus labeled "New Age" and many more have lavish histories spanning human history. Many are taught, led or promoted by well meaning if somewhat "special" individuals i.e. great guru's, specially endowed (or connected to.....) or talented humans beyond the norm. Avatar® is like none of those descriptions.
The Avatar Course is a straight forward 9 day self-empowerment/development training taught internationally by well trained licensed Masters. The exchange is well defined and monetary without any homage etc. involved. After changing my own life profoundly with this material, I followed the path to become licensed as an Avatar Master so I might guide others on this most magnificent journey. I believe it is the quickest, most effective and all encompassing life improving action any human can take. Nearly 100,000 students from 65 countries in 20 languages would seem to agree.
Please connect, whatever your location, religion or prior training. Avatar adjusts to the consciousness using it. It works for everyone that wants it to. I can arrange an experience of the tools at no charge.We will both enjoy the exploration.
Dale Sims
<b>A</b>ccelerated <b>M</b>aximum <b>P</b>otential .
Relevant Education / Credentials
Fully licensed by Star'sEdge International as an Avatar Master trained to deliver this material.
Years Experience: 8


Category: Services
Consultation to creation of events from conferences to marriages, from business meeting to funerals is an art involving more than just good planning. Combined with that are communication, connection and talent networking that requires the skill of a Wizard to accomplish effeciently. I am that and do that.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Computer software and hardware training/experience. Audio and video experience with events from 20-3000 participents. A graduate of both the avatar Professional Course ( leadership/connection training) and the Wizards Course (an all emcompassing wisdom intensive course)
Years Experience: 6