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I am excited to learn about you're interested in improving your career opportunities, and your life-through training which will give you the inside edge in today's job market. We're even more excited to know you're considering City College to get that invaluable training. We have been helping people just like you reach their career goals for several decades. Our students receive hands on skills from instructors experienced in their specific fields. We also provide you with the skills employers look for in today's competitive job market. Our campus is, equipped-and committed-to help all our students achieve their career aspirations quickly and easily. We'd love to start helping you achieve yours. Please reply back to this e-mail to schedule an appointment at your convenience, and start a conversation that can change your life. We look forward to meeting you soon! I can be contacted at 954-492-5353 ext. 2243. My name is Mr. Don Pierre.
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Years Experience: 32