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I am from West Africa, Senegal. As a member of the Soninke Tribe, I spent my early years in the village with my family until I was six years old. Soninke Kingdom is one of the largest Kingdoms that extends from Senegal to the neighboring country of Mali to the East. From the village, I moved to the capital city of Dakar, where my family maintained African traditions while living in the modern city. Many times throughout the year, my family would travel back to our original village of Bakel, located at the border of Senegal and Mali, in order to renew the connection with the tribe, the spirit, and the nature of Africa.

As a God-given talent and natural artist and professional Musician, I have traveled throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States and Canada. I now reside in the North Shore, Massachusetts, and have formed a successful world music band that we call simply "MAMADOU"

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Lead vocal,Drummer,guitar,Ethnomusicologist Salem, MA
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I like All organic and natural music with high energy,the hypnotic fusion of rhythm and African traditional music,a single infectious pulse laced with hypnotic cycles of instrumental freedom and crossing,the style of the driving polyrhythms of Wolof sabar drumming. I like the one who speaks the truth , the one who makes a difference in this world and the one who opens eyes. Real music has to be:educational,give advice, support the mind, be sentimental ,emotional and theraputic. Music=Universal language of communication and has to be used to lift up peoples' Mind, Soul , Spirit and bring sense into their lives. Many great musicians, especially in the New england arena, speak of the pursuit of that incredible moment during performance when the musician becomes the music and forgets his own identity. In our own way, we attempt to dissolve into the world we perceive, and discover music that resonates around us. In our composition you will find the mixture of the African classical traditional music with combination of western music together.
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The person I am today is the result of amazing life experiences and enriching encounters.

My goal in this life is to learn and teach as much as possible about as many things as possible (or impossible); about energy and the soul; to be in tune with the body, mind, and spirit, as a spiritual vibration; about the real and the unreal; what it means to truely believe; and the connection of time (I believe they are all connected, on one big wheel out there), so that I can realize myself to the fullest.
In Africa the expression of rhythm is used to make a connection with the soul.

Rhythm is the soul of life. The whole universe revolves in rhythm. Every thing and every human action revolves in.

I teach drum and dance classes that express the virtues of African culture. I bring to the participants of my classes and seminars an understanding of life and spirit that is so prevalent in my culture, but seemingly absent here in the US. My commitments are to sharing my culture and music with both adults and children alike
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I am the president of the NPO:A3D,inc,(African Development through Drum and Dance), Mamadou Diop, president of the nonprofit organization A3D, Inc. (African Development through Drum and Dance) was nominated for the Humanitarian of the year award from the Art of Living Foundation - Heroes of Humanity which will be held in Boston on 3/7/07 - UPDATE - Mamadou Diop was selected to receive the "Humanitarian of the Year" honorable award from the Boston Chapter of the International Art of Living Foundation!
Mamadou Diop is located in Salem, MA and has the following skills: Lead vocal,Drummer,guitar,Ethnomusicologist
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Lead vocal,Drummer,guitar,Ethnomusicologist

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No other band performs with such a command of African poly-rhythms and as high an energy as MAMADOU. Performing original songs and arrangements, MAMADOU has developed a unique sound that WILL GET YOU TO DANCE!! The rhythms that emanate from MAMADOU are infectious, and have to be experienced to be understood. The truly multicultural band is led by the immensely talented Mamadou Diop
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"Drumming with Mamadou is not just music, but an experience of the heart, mind, and spirit. He evokes self-discovery, spiritual renewal, joy for life, and a deep sense of community"
Years Experience: 28