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My name is Miguel Lopez, and I am a second generation Master under Master jerry Druckerman in the ancient art of Kung Fu San Soo. My Master or "Sifu" as I call him, was the one who introduced me to this great art. He has a true gift of teaching. Combined with his amazing skill and ability to pass his knowledge so effectively, I soon became in love with San Soo.
Born and raised in Upland, at an early age I developed a love and passion for art, and now I am a free lance artist by trade. When I first began studying in the Martial Arts, I understood how they could positively impact my life. I was hooked the minute I stepped onto the mat. Through the various teachings of my masters over the years I have come to realize that my greatest joy is teaching. I believe that because I love to teach, there is never a lesson I can not learn. Teaching is a process, it is ongoing. A teacher must always look inward to figure out how to break down complex ideas into their simplest form. And sometimes, a teacher must look outward, to others, to gain the inspiration to provide the information. And I can safely say, you are never to old to learn. The better I get, the more I realize that there is so much more I need to know. And through this training, I have tried to challenge myself to become better each and every day. I am passionate about what I love. And I love doing this.

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Kung Fu San Soo Master Chino, CA
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Kung Fu San Soo Master

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Jimmy H. Woo is the founder of Kung Fu San Soo. Through his teachings we derive the basics of fighting perfected over thousands of years. It is to his lineage we owe our honor and respect.

Throughout our instruction, we will cover the basic principles of body movement in self-defense through an offensive perspective. We will also cover techniques in a series of combative movements not bias size, shape, strength, or gender.
Concepts include:
? System of Fighting
(the Five Families)
? Forms (the Eight Basics)
? Balance
? Awareness of Weight
? Psychology of a Fighter

Through the understanding of the basics one can develop an arsenal of techniques that will provide the practitioner the discipline and confidence to know that they will be able to defend themselves and the ones they love.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Kung Fu San Soo, Master Judo, Black Belt Aikido, Brown Belt Hapkido, Brown Belt
Years Experience: 16