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Training about how Kangen water can change your life! Water is the single most important resource for the human body. Water is the most
essential nutrient involved in every function of the body. Water accounts for approximately 70% of an individual’s complete fat free body mass. In order to function
properly, water must be consumed in set quantities in consistent intervals (average of
2.5 liters per day). When not enough water is consumed, people can begin to develop certain illnesses and even accelerate their aging processes.

Now after establishing the importance of water, one must then think what kind of water
is good to drink? Many people believe that the water concentrations in coffee, sodas,
and energy drinks will be sufficient for the human body to function on optimal levels;
but that is incorrect. Simply stated, the water from these beverages is nothing but
poor quality distilled water.
Your Answer to Hydration and Better Health Lies in Kangen
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