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I clean houses part time after I get off from work in the afternoons after 4pm. I clean house from Murfreesboro to Nashville Tenn. In the afternoons . I am a man that likes to clean for all kinds of people . I can be trusted with your house and like it when you are there when I clean. I when I clean this is what I do. First,dust,vac,floors, mop where needed, clean the kitchen wipe down every thing in your kitchen and mop if it is needed to. Clean the bathroom every thing in the bathroom . Bed rooms dust vac dust pictureson the walls and dust over all doors at the top of them. i do not do clothes or dishes or make beds. I thought you might need to know that. And I dust your base broads in your rooms the ones that I can get to vac your couch chairs ect. I charge $25.00 2 hours max up to 3 hours if need to be. I have opens too. Don't clean on the weekens and on Friday's to . I can be reach at 615-948-4836 if I don't anser leave me a voice mail and I will get back with you that day . Thank you very much waiting to hear form you call soon the days I have open will fill up soon.
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Years Experience: 19