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Indianapolis Bases, Zion 1 PC Repair delivers complete upgrade and repair services for laptops and PC's. Our company goal is to deliver high quality services at low, low prices. Our company is comprised of software and hardware experts that will assist you with your computer problems. Our knowledgeable techs will drive out to the comfort of your own home and fix any computer issues for you!

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IT Professional Indianapolis, IN
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IT Professional

Category: Computers / IT
40% Less Expensive Than The Geek Squad!

We will travel to you..within town..there will be a $35.00 diagnostic fee; but if we do the work for you that fee will be applied towards your balance


* Operating System Service - Fix corrupted files, popups ,adware, spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms, restore deleted files(certain conditions apply)
* Operating System Install - Update operating system, apply all patches and updates, customize
* Data Migration (Transfer) - Transfer files and settings from one PC to another.
* End User Training - Microsoft XP, 2000, '98, Word, Excel, Access, Computer Basics, Networking, and Security
* Wireless/Wired Network Setup - Install a modem/router/access point and connect to PC's
* Network Storage Device Setup - Add network storage devices (NAS)
* Software Service - Repair software programs other than operating system
* Optical Drive Install - Install optical drives such as CD/DVD drives
* I/O Card Install - Install cards such as modems, NICs, video cards
* Add Device to Existing Network - Add a PC to an existing wired or wireless network
* Antivirus Install - Install, update and scan your PC for viruses
* Software or Antispyware Install - Install, update and scan your PC for spyware, adware and othe malware
* Memory Install - Install and configure memory
* Hard Drive Install - Install new hard drive
* PC Setup & Customizaton - Setup hardware, peripherals and software
Relevant Education / Credentials
MCSE Certified
Years Experience: 15