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I am a family man looking to do well by my family without becoming a corporate slave!
I love:
Real Estate
the outdoors
and of course my Family!

Profile Summary:
Investor Bird Dogging/Wholesaling Grand Rapids, MI
More About Me
See Bio, there is alot more to me but for a strictly skill Website, I'm sticking with the basics.
Work Experience:
Right now I am working in the Aerospace Industry!
Good Job but like everything else not doing so well during this economy. Nothing against it but I am not interested in being stuck in a cubical the rest of my life!
2 years of College before I realized I would only end up with huge debt and no job! I learned enough and prefer the Education that the REAL world provides.
Organizations / Affilations:
No Affiliation so far.
Jason Jenkins is located in Grand Rapids, MI and has the following skills: Investor Bird Dogging/Wholesaling
Real Estate / Property
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Investor Bird Dogging/Wholesaling

Category: Real Estate / Property
With such busy lives who has time to search for great deals. While Investors are working on what seems like a good deal in one location they could be missing out on a killer deal somewhere else.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Don't need education for this type of work. Am looking for my first deal!
Years Experience: 1