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I always wanted to be somebody; now I realize I should have been more specific. –Lily Tomlin

Writer. Poet. Teacher. Counselor. Coach. Consultant. Would-be superhero and cowboy . . . They’re all hats I’ve worn at various times and in various contexts, including mental health, higher education, human resources, journalism and communications . . . even a psychic hotline.

No matter which hat I’ve worn in which setting, however, the core process has been remarkably similar. I’ve come to refer to it as Danelling, a word that is obviously a play on the word channeling and that essentially means learning to channel Me. It’s a word that used to wig me out, but now I’m learning that it is something we all do on some level when we’re being and expressing our best selves.

Danelling is what I do when I write, when I connect with someone in some uplifting way, when I understand something with a sweeter clarity than I had before. It’s channeling Dan, but it’s an elevated, more guided Dan whose mind is clear, whose heart is open, whose eye is always on the wide horizon, and whose tongue is always slightly in his cheek.

Some also know me as “The Shower Channel” or as I’ve been known to say, a “wet-behind-the ears oracle who channels (in the shower and elsewhere) the ‘Meity’, the infinite many, the collective One and All who is always tuned in and turned on to the stream of well being that is ever flowing.” Read my blog in order to understand more of what that’s about.

Regardless of the role I’m asked to play, my aim is always to provide practical and empowering wisdom that points in the direction of each individual’s own personal connection to Source or Spirit. I believe in every individual’s power to create his or her own reality and I am ready and able to help you help yourself to a life that is more aligned with your own dreams and desires.

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