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I grew up in North Carolina thinking everyone could "see" people who weren't "there", and was very surprised to discover I was basically alone in my ability at that time. (If I could have seen the documentary "Psychic Kids" at that time, I would have felt a LOT better about myself! But, obviously, it hadn't been made yet.)
I first discovered I was "different" when I was about twelve. That was when I (guess it was kind of "stupid" to have done this!), asked a friend who was deeply upset at the passing of a beloved Grandmother, "why" she was so "upset", because her "Nana" was standing right next to her! (Guess I shouldn't have done that!) I used to think that there was something "wrong" with me - had no idea that "different" didn't mean "defective".

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Intuitive Counsleor Duluth, GA
Author Duluth, GA
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Photo manipulator;women's studies; Wicca; writing; candle making; jewelry making; sewing; Painting; Poetry; Pottery; Graphic Design; Copywriting;
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I've had a few jobs where I was in the "real" world, but, for one reason or another, it didn't work out. Probably because there was something that made people "feel weird". (Wonder why? LoL!) So, I've primarily decided that I'm a "Talent" rather than a "Technology" person, (although I LOVE watching MythBusters and Adore the Tech world entirely!). I've discovered that people come to me for what they think are a wide variety of reasons. However, it turns out that the reason is always the same. They need more information to help solve a problem!
Usually they're doing the "Tarot thing" for the first time, but, when they see that I don't do any "hocus pocus" over the cards and that they're in control of the reading they get, they see that I'm for real. After that, I'm just a "regular consultant" who just "happens" to use Tarot Cards to aid in the consultation! I've had Human Resources groups ask me to hold seminars on "how-to" read faces so that they can tell if the employment candidate for the position they're interviewing for would be a good choice! (It's based on Chinese Face Reading, and is amazingly accurate!)
Associates Degree in Applied Science, Word Processing
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ABWA, (American Business Women's Association); WIFV, (Women in Film and Video)
Gallilea Kaye is located in Duluth, GA and has the following skills: Intuitive Counsleor, Author
Consulting, Writing / Journalism
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Intuitive Counsleor

Category: Consulting
Let me see if I can put this into words that will translate well - when someone comes to me the service I perform has three parts - first there is the "investigation" which includes a psychic scan which is nothing more than a handshake, literally - I am able to perceive through the energy if the person is open to what I do - then, there are the cards that the client chooses to describe their situation, and then, there is my interpretation of those cards coupled with the energy I accessed from the handshake of the client before we even started. It takes a lot of energy on my part and for those who truly seek knowledge and insight, I'm happy to help them.
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Ordained Minister in the Church of Seven Hills; a Lifetime of Experience
Years Experience: 25


Category: Writing / Journalism
I got into the "real world" and tried to make a go of working in an office, much to the chagrin of those who didn't "know" about me! So, now, I mainly work on writing books about my experiences, as well as some short screenplays and Tele-plays, (of which I have an entire series in mind, and it doesn't focus on a "psychic" - go figure!)
Relevant Education / Credentials
Attended Campbell College, 1976-77
Years Experience: 11