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Ah’Nay Satori is an Ordained Minister, a Doctor of Divinity, and is an Intuitive Healer with the ability to discern another being’s energy status; allowing her to provide insight that would afford clarity and realization to assist the being in overcoming life’s challenges, including health concerns.

Creating optimum health became Ah’Nay Satori’s passion, and led her to becoming an avid advocate and practitioner in the health industry since 1986 when she started her own business promoting health products for various multi-level-marketing companies. Though some of the products she promoted were of some quality, Ah’Nay Satori searched to find products that were of the highest quality and offered the healing properties necessary for better health – optimum health. As a result, Herbal Enlightenment was conceived and delivered into reality April 2008.

Herbal Enlightenment’s all natural herbal products offer an awesome holistic alternative line over 50 divine products, including all natural Herbal Essential oils, plus alkalize water machine and energy water which provide proper PH balance level the body needs while assisting in the eradication dis-ease. Herbal Enlightenment products are designed by certified Master Herbalists, practicing in Herbology for more than 30 years. Herbal Enlightenment upholds quality and integral standards, and our products are produce in the USA . It is our first and foremost goal to provide all natural herbal, oils, and alkalize water products that really assist in healing, while providing a spectrum of products that are created to assist in healing on multiple levels from; losing weight, eradicating serious ailments such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia and migraine headaches to the common cold and flu.

Most challenges presented to Ah’Nay Satori are health concerns; and often remembering her own personal experience in 1996 when she was pre-diagnosed with cervical cancer and overcame this potent

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Intuitive Consultant Atlanta, GA
Intuitive Wellness Consultant Atlanta, GA
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Intuitive Consultant

Category: Consulting
Provide consulting services that render in-depth and precision insight into matters or concerns otherwise unresolved. Accuracy plus with resolution.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Life's wisdom Corporate Employment Business Owner (Health/Wellness Consulting) Doctor of Divinity Corporate positions
Years Experience: 30

Intuitive Wellness Consultant

Category: Health / Fitness
Intuitive Wellness Consultation providing insight on healing through holistic remedies such as Herbal Enlightenment all natural herbal products and representative healing products, including The Alkalizer Water Machine and Energy Water which balances the body's PH levels,which helps to strengthened the immune system and promotes a free dis-eased body.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Health Industry Consultant since 1986 Health/Fitness Practitioner 1986 A Pre-diagnosed cancer survivor 1996 Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle since 2002 Employed at various health facilities Owner of holistic brand products 2008
Years Experience: 25