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I currently work out of The Spiritual Element located at 501 Casazza Dr., Reno, NV. I have had my Master's degree in counseling since 1995. I was a licensed mental health therapist in private practice in Washington state for 10 years. I am also an advanced clinical hypnotherapist and breathwork practitioner since 2000. My focus is on spiritual counseling, intuitive hypnotherapy and guided meditation. I have been psychic and clairvoyant since birth. At seventeen, I first encountered the power and healing of my channeled singing (I call it my Spirit Song). I have channeled for the public and I now offer healing sessions with my singing and with channeled wisdom. I also have produced two meditation CD's, one which also contains my channeled Spirit Song. I have channeled spiritual guidance form my own guides, as well as Kuthumi, St. Germaine and other ascended masters. I am deeply connected to Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine. For more information please visit my website:

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Intuitive clinical hypnotherapist Reno, NV
Spiritual and intuitive counseling Reno, NV
Meditation guide and CD's Reno, NV
Workshop facilitator Reno, NV
Intuitive card readings Reno, NV
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spiritual studies, astrology, numerology, spiritualism, mediumship, the mystical arms of religion, spiritism, meditation, cooking, sewing, drawing, camping, nature, travel, reading for fun, dancing, tarot cards, interior decorating, poetry, writing.
Work Experience:
I received my Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences with emphasis on Systems Counseling in 1995 from LIOS/Bastyr in Washington state.
I became an advanced clinical hypnotherapist in 2000 from the Wellness Institute in Washington state
Organizations / Affilations:
Spiritualist High Desert Church of Reno
Shirley Airhart is located in Reno, NV and has the following skills: Intuitive clinical hypnotherapist, Spiritual and intuitive counseling, Meditation guide and CD's, Workshop facilitator, Intuitive card readings
Therapy, Religious / Spiritual, Motivation / Inspiration
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My Skills

Intuitive clinical hypnotherapist

Category: Therapy
Shirley has been an advanced clinical hypnotherapist since August 2000. She has been psychic and intuitive since birth and combines these skills to create what she calls intuitive clinical hypnotherapy. Get to the root of whatever is preventing you from a fulfilling life. Effective treatment for stress management, anxiety, phobias, trauma, low self-esteem and more. Shirley also does past life regressions, soul retrieval and spirit releasement therapy as part of her hypnotherapy repertoire. Soul retrieval unites your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. Spirit releasement removes unwanted energies and entities.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Shirley has her Master's degree in counseling and was a licensed mental health therapist in Washington state since 1999. She became an advanced clinical hypnotherapist in 2000 and took over three years of training in hypnotherapy, breathwork and other related therapy.
Years Experience: 8

Spiritual and intuitive counseling

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Shirley combines her clinical skills with her spiritual and intuitive abilities to help people solve their own problems. Benefit from the spiritual wisdom channeled from guides and teachers on the other side of the veil. Learn how to listen to your own guidance. Learn how to find your own path and honor who you are as a human and spiritual being. Shirley can help you discover why you are here and what your ultimate purpose is.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Master's degree in counseling. Advanced clinical hypnotherapist. Psychic and intuitive since birth. Shirley has also studied a variety of the world's major religions and considers herself as someone who has Universal spirituality. She is aware of the Divine in all religions and philosophies and believes there are many paths to God.
Years Experience: 16

Meditation guide and CD's

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
Shirley has been leading guided meditation groups since 2003. She has done her own private meditation since 1999 on a consistent basis. She learned silent meditation from Amma Karunamayi, when Amma came to the United States from India. Shirley also learned meditation from her teacher, Diane Zimmeroff, at the Wellness Institute. Shirley leads meditation groups so that people may learn to quiet themselves and listen to their own wisdom. Her first meditation CD was released in 2003. Embracing the Light Within is a meditation CD for opening the chakras and is ideal for beginning meditators. Shirley is also a channel and began channeling ancient languages, both spoken and sung, at age 17. These songs are songs of healing. In her second CD, Healing Vibrations, Shirley offers progressive relaxation, a method for letting go of negativity and a channeled song for healing.
Relevant Education / Credentials
There are no credentials for this skill other than the years spent in personal meditation and the years spent in leading groups. As a channel, Shirley brings in the energies and wisdom of higher vibrations to all of her meditations.
Years Experience: 6

Workshop facilitator

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Shirley teaches a variety of different workshops out of the facility where her office is also located, The Spiritual Element. Her workshops include: Connecting with your Guides and Angels, Pendulums and your Aura, Fear: Friend or Foe?, Exploring Mandalas through Hypnotherapy, Psychommetry, Shamanic Journeys, Intuition I, Intuition II, Intuition III, Discover Your Animal Totems, and Embracing the Light Within (Group hypnotherapy with journal writing)
Relevant Education / Credentials
Shirley has her Master's degree in counseling. She is an advanced clinical hypnotherapist.
Years Experience: 5

Intuitive card readings

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Shirley combines her intuitive wisdom and guidance with the images and meanings of the cards to weave together information that will help you on your spiritual path. She uses a variety of decks. By combining the different decks she creates a reading that is highly individualized and accesses different parts of her intuition. Osho Zen Tarot, Angel cards, Kabbalah cards, and Medicine cards are the current cards of choice for Shirley.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 8