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Christina Duffy

I am an Interior Designer that specializes in One Day Room Re-Design! I have done complete homes from floor to ceiling, taken it down to the studs and built it back up. I love doing One Day Makovers more than anything. You can find me on the web

Profile Summary:
Interior Design/Room Makeovers Thousand Oaks, CA
Textile Broker Thousand Oaks, CA
Custom Furniture/Window Treatments Thousand Oaks, CA
My Skills

Interior Design/Room Makeovers

Category: Art / Creative
Not happy with the way your home looks? Do you have lots of "STUFF" but feel like it's never finished? Stop shopping! I can help you Rediscover What You Already Have! I am an experienced Designer specializing in 3 hour room makeovers and one Day Room Re-Design. I come into your home, use what you have, move it all around and give you immediate gratification! You will be amazed when the art of design combines with the harmony of perfect arrangement. I will leave you with a list of additional things you could add to complete your look and if you want me to come with you, I do assisted personal home shopping. Your beautiful living space is waiting for you...!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Have a great eye and tons of experience.
Years Experience: 15

Textile Broker

Category: Consulting
Fabric and fabrication for products in the home furnishings/decor industry. I connect manufacturers with textile mills and production facilities overseas. I have relationships with mills in Chine and India with local representation.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5

Custom Furniture/Window Treatments

Category: Consulting
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10