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I'm a college graduate of Wayne State University. I earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Criminal Justice. I also have an Associates of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Oakland Community College. I was a Private Investigator for three months and currently, I deliver pizzas for Papa John's. I'm looking to find a career in the criminal justice field and looking to move down South. I live in MI but would like to move out because the economy is horrible. Right now, if I were to work in MI, I'd deliver pizzas but I'm also looking to do insurance videotaping (videotape people's possessions to show the insurance company to make filing a claim easier) and airport transportation. This would be interesting to do and to do as a second job to make some extra money. I could also work a criminal justice job in MI too if there's one available.

Profile Summary:
Insurance Videotaping. Farmington, MI
Airport Transportation Farmington, MI
Designated Driver Farmington, MI
Comedy Farmington, MI
More About Me
I like to bowl, play pool, go to the gun range, watch movies, use the internet, dine out, keep up on current events, and smoke cigars.
Work Experience:
Carl Mintz
(248) 539-0701

Seeking the following positions: Criminal Justice, insurance videotaping, airport transportation or auto sales.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, Dec 2006

Associates in Liberal Arts, Oakland Community College, Farmington Hills, MI, 2004

Relevant Courses: Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Politics, Juvenile Justice System, Police and Society, Social Deviants, Police and Society, Corrections, The Judicial Process, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminology Theories, Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Nine years of experience in providing customer service
Proficient in Word, Works, PowerPoint, and Internet
Able to get along well with others, positive attitude, willingness to learn and improve
Highly motivated, conscientious, determined, and always ready to work
Self-starter; Able to work independently or in a team
Detail oriented, thorough, organized and efficient

Customer Service
Delivered pizzas and beverages to businesses and homes in a timely fashion
Dealt with customer concerns accordingly, as well as took orders
Provided marketing to the community
Answered telephones, wrote orders, answered questions and informed customers of various products

Organizational Support
Swept, mopped, and cleaned the bathrooms, as well as the business
Set up chairs and desks for meetings and other events
Provided building maintenance when repairs were needed, as well as seasonal maintenance including shoveling snow and salting the sidewalks

Performed Investigations on people who claimed worker’s compensation, insurance claims, and other claims for injury or disability.
Canvassed n
North Farmington High School, 1997-2001.
Oakland Community College, 2001-2003.
Wayne State University, 2004-2006.
Organizations / Affilations:
National Rifle Association.
Carl Mintz is located in Farmington, MI and has the following skills: Insurance Videotaping., Airport Transportation, Designated Driver, Comedy
Acting / Drama, Event / Party Planning, Travel / Leisure, Video
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My Skills

Insurance Videotaping.

Category: Video
Hi! I'm offering a service that can be vital to you today and in the near future. I'm an ex-Private Investigator and I had to videotape insurance claimants almost everyday I worked. I'm not a PI so I'm not offering this service but another kind of service. The service is Insurance Videotaping. What I do is I come to your home, business, home business, storage facility, etc. and I tape all of your possessions in the current condition they are in so you and/or your insurance company know what your stuff looks like in case they get damaged. If you have to file a claim for some reason, you can show very easily to the insurance company that the goods your claiming were damaged are actually damaged and they can't question it. Also, I can also tape your damaged goods too to show the insurance company that your possession was damaged. My price is $50 to come out and do this. If you're a business, I may have to charge more, depending how big your business is. I may have to charge more if the place you live is really large and I have to use more than one tape. It all depends, but i'll tell you up front. If you have questions or are in need of my services, please email me with your information and I'll get back with you.
Disclaimer: I will not tape anything or do anything that I believe is fraudulent nor will I help in any fraudulent act. Thank you for reading and have a great day/afternoon/evening.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Three months of videotaping claimants as a private investigator and one week of training to be a PI.
Years Experience: 1

Airport Transportation

Category: Travel / Leisure
Do you need transportation to the airport and do not want to drive and park your car at one of the lots? Are transportation companies charging too much? Look no further, because I'm your man. I'm very good with directions and know Detroit Metro Airport well. I'll only charge $50 (tipping is allowed but it's your choice) to take you as long as you live not to far from Farmington Hills. If you live far, I'll work out a fair deal with you. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at the above address and I can help you or email me if you need transportation and want my services. Thank you and have a great day.
Relevant Education / Credentials
About six years of delivery experience. I know directions well and can read maps well. I also have traveled a lot and I know Detroit Metro Airport real well.
Years Experience: 9

Designated Driver

Category: Event / Party Planning
Hi! I'd like to let you know that I'm offering a designated driver service to people who plan to go out partying and plan to do a lot of drinking. I want to keep you from getting a DUI and ending up with tons of fines or jail. I'll pick you up and take you to bars, nightclubs, etc. wherever you're going out to drink. I'll get you home safely. Let me know. Email:; Phone: (248) 464-3064.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Driving experience from Papa John's Pizza. I'm very familiar with the area and can read maps well also.
Years Experience: 9


Category: Acting / Drama
I love making people laugh and laughing myself.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Ask my references and others I know.
Years Experience: 27