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Stringed Instruments -- created from wood, electronics and mechanical moving parts -– break, malfunction, burn in fires, crack due to stressors and climate changes, and warp.

DFW Guitars offers expert repair, restoration, consultation and replacement valuation services to musicians, the insurance industry and commercial courier and transportation services.

Since 1980, Dave Underwood has been buying, selling and trading guitars. He began working in the retail music industry in 1998, and has been repairing and restoring electric and acoustic guitars and basses, as well as amps and orchestra instruments, for Texas and California musicians since that time.

Dave has worked on instruments owned by all types of players, from beginners to garage bands to professionals who make their livings with their instruments. Every instrument brought to DFW Guitars receives equal care; setups are specified to each players' individual taste, style and technique.

Dave's specialty is restoring old guitars and basses. Have you got an old one in the garage, the attic, just laying around? Did it turn into a bigger project than you anticipated or just haven’t found the time to start or finish it? Do you think it’s a hopeless cause? Bring it to DFW Guitars and Dave will turn it into a beautiful, playable, instrument.

Dave’s years of hands-on experience and knowledge of stringed instruments, the woods they are created with, the methodology of the electronics, and design of the instruments gives him a finer understanding and awareness of contemporary and vintage guitars, basses and other stringed instruments.

Profile Summary:
Instrument repair Arlington, TX
Guitar and Bass appraisal Arlington, TX
My Skills

Instrument repair

Category: Music
Expert handling. General repair, fretwork; neck adjustments; bridge adjustments, including intonation; electrical work- rewiring, resoldering, replacing electronic components and pickups; replacement of hardware and parts; readjustment of Floyd Rose tremolo systems, including resetting for change of string gauge or altered tunings; setup of string height (action) specific to player’s requirements; restringing of any stringed instrument; Correction of warped necks; Intonation; Tuning key installation/repair; Nuts, bridge and saddles replacement; Custom Pickup installation; Input jack repair/replacement; Instrument cable repair; Repairs of breaks, cracks and warping; Cleaning.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. For a service appointment or quote, please send us an email: Include your phone number, type of instrument, and work you’d like performed in your message. Or give us a call. (972) 689-0483
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 28

Guitar and Bass appraisal

Category: Services
As a full-time consultant and repair technician, David offers a knowledge base that serves his clients well -- from advising collectors on the value of vintage pieces, brokering sales and purchases of collectors pieces, providing estimates for repairs of damaged instruments, evaluating restoration and replacement value of instruments, repairing and restoring instruments, to consulting with beginners on their first purchases.
Relevant Education / Credentials
¨ Repair Estimates ¨ Evaluations of Restoration costs ¨ Evaluation of replacement values ¨ Sales and purchase consultation and brokering
Years Experience: 10