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As a former model and as a board certified facial plastic surgeon I have always worked to make things beautiful. A devastating injury ended my surgical career but it led me to understand not only the outer beauty but the inner beauty within each of us. I also came to understand that without the ability to move (physical agility) much of the world’s beauty becomes off limits to us. For some that beauty may include hiking or bicycling in exotic places but for many of us, it may be as simple as chasing our grandchildren around the living room.
I can't imagine not practicing medicine. It's something I worked hard to achieve. I am quite happy currently as a medical consultant to social security administration on disability. Before I went to medical school I was a Nutritionist at St Luke’s Hospital. Medicine for me has always been about helping people. The long road from a crippling physical disability through the grueling years in physical therapy and working with personal trainers, I was preparing for another chapter in my life’

Helping others is a key component of my
1. unique in-home fitness training program,
2. my online training program with customized training sessions,
3. nutrition and meal planning, and a
4. monthly newsletter full of recipes, fitness tips, and the latest news in wellness.
You, your fitness, life enjoyment goals, and your current medical health are the basics from which I will create your individualized, multi-faceted in-home fitness program with your private physician’s recommendations. Our bodies become accustomed to doing the same thing every day so before each session I will email or fax you a new and different workout plan to your home or office with your permission.
If you have suffered a physical setback or even if you just want to get or stay in shape, working together you can reach your goal. I look forward to becoming your motivator, teacher, and coach; the one who helps you keep or begin enjoying LIFE.

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in health, fitness, and wellness Orinda, CA
physician Orinda, CA
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Work Experience:
•CEO Orinda Health and Fitness Center
•PHYSICIAN EXECUTIVE at Department of Social Services Disability Division
•MEDICAL WARDEN at California State Prison Solano
MBA 1994 St. Mary’s College
M.D. 1980 University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine
Outstanding Medical Student International College of Surgeons, 1979
M. S. CONSUMER SCIENCE, 1972 University of California at Davis
B. S. HOME ECONOMICS, 1970 Oregon State University
CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER National Academy of Sports Medicine
FELLOW IN FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY, 1986 Lausanne, Switzerland
BOARD CERTIFIED, 1986 American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
RESIDENT IN HEAD AND NECK SURGERY, 1982-1985 Kaiser Medical Center
RESIDENT IN GENERAL SURGERY, 1980-1982 University of California San Francisco
STANFORD UNIVERSITY, 1976 - 1989 Member of the Interplast team of plastic and reconstructive surgeons conducting reconstructive surgery on an indigent population in a country that had three plastic surgeons. Three trips to Honduras Central America.
Responsible for the licensing of California’s 74,000 physicians: Appointed 1991 by Gov. Pete Wilson. Unanimously confirmed by the California State Senate
Williams, C., Gant, T., Hovey, L.: “Bilateral Parotid Tumors”, Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vol. 66, No. 3, September 1980.

Gant, T., Hovey, L., Williams, C.: “Surgical Management of Parotid Tumors”, Annals of Plastic Surgery, Vol. 6, No. 5, May 1981.
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Third Prize 2002
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in health, fitness, and wellness

Category: Health / Fitness
Camille Williams MD is currently the CEO of the Orinda Health and Fitness Center. We provide in-home and small group fitness training and a full service online health and fitness center with exercise training, diet advice, meal planning, grocery shopping assistance, and with access to an extensive health and fitness library.

As physicians, our patients depend on us for disease process and wellness education regardless of our medical or surgical specialization. Exercise improves functional fitness (flexibility, coordination, agility, strength, stamina, and cardio-respiratory endurance) and overall psychological well-being. It is a proven means of achieving nonpharmacologic and interventional benefits and continues to be an underused therapeutic intervention. Many degenerative and debilitating disease processes can either be slowed or reversed with proprioceptive, strength, resistance, and cardiovascular exercise and training. The increased vitality, strength, flexibility, balance, and general sense of well-being that can be achieved through this intervention will reward patient and physician alike.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Medical degree (M.D) from University of California San Francisco, one of the top 5 Medical Schools in the United States. I am board certified in Head and Neck Surgery, a retired Emeritus Facial Plastic and Surgeon, and also I am a certified personal trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine. I was a fellow to the famous Dr Rudolpe Meyer in Lausanne Switzerland in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Before attending Medical School, I was a Nutritionist at St Luke’s Hospital and taught Foods and Nutrition at the college level. I have a Master of Science from University of California at Davis and an MBA from St Mary’s College.
Years Experience: 30


Category: Therapy
I'm here to show you-whether you're 40 or 80-how to live an optimized healthy aging lifestyle. What does that mean? • More physical energy, youthful vitality • More sexual energy & performance • Stronger, more fit body with reduced body fat, toned muscles • Stronger bones, stronger immune system • Improved exercise performance/capacity • Improved cardio health • Better-quality sleep • Sharper thinking • Increased work productivity • Preventing, delaying, reversing age-related diseases (many of which start in your 20s-30s)
Aging is inevitable, but how you age is not. You don’t have to settle for frailty and feebleness. Take control of your life and health. You now have the power to manage your aging process—thanks to unique protocols and a wellness program that helps to prevent and reverse such chronic diseases as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, allowing you to age in a healthy way.

I partner with my clients to create a personalized, multi-faceted program that meets their health goals and successfully manages their aging process
Relevant Education / Credentials
MD University of California at San Francisco, nutrition professor at college level
Years Experience: 30