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My Skills

I.T. Network Administrator

Category: Computers / IT
Here at Legis we have over 18 years of IT experience, most notably in the Microsoft and Novell fields. We have strong experience in the use of Exchange (all levels and versions), Terminal Services, Citrix, and SQL servers (all levels and versions).

We currently offer 24 hour support to our customers. We stand by the signing of confidentiality agreements with all our clients to ensure privacy as well as adhering to stringent HIPAA guidelines in all activity. For us to give a very complete bid for services for your company I would like to speak to someone in regards to what your current needs are and where you feel your future needs may be.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 18

Remote Access Security Cameras / GPS Fleet trackin

Category: Technology
We offer a variety of surveillance solutions for both residential and commercial properties. We are able to design a plan for your location and offer 24 hour tech support to all our customers. We also offer GPS tracking units for fleet vehicles to help with routing and customer service when estimating time of arrival.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5