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erin thepainter

I paint, and I love music.
so I paint to music.
I paint murals mostly. They cover the entire room from floor to ceiling. I listen to music that touches me and the music takes me to another place...
I start to paint , the walls go away, and the room becomes the place in my head.
I measure my paintings in cds. (how many cd's does it take to make a bedroom into the grand canyon... or the rainforest...or the deepest part of the ocean...?) most rooms take me about two days and about twenty to twenty five cd's.
and they are the most important tool I carry.
paint is up there too.

(and I know I could have an easier time of it if i came into this century and used an ipod, but I can't drop a boombox into a can of paint...)

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I paint. Catonsville, MD
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I have spent my life up to this point painting the world, and I suspect I will be doing just that till my last day.
(still a lot of world left...)
yes I have one. But it has largely come from the life I've lead and not the schools I attended.
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erin thepainter is located in Catonsville, MD and has the following skills: I paint.
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I paint.

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I paint.
thats all I do.
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painting something every day for a lot of years.(give or take a few days) I was an art teacher for a while,painted theatre scenery for awhile,got a degree in graphic design, designed t-shirts for awhile... but none of those things educated me as much as the actual painting. enough days build up,
Years Experience: 35