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I have 7 years of experience with i love to babysit skills in Reno, NV. I also have 1 year of experience with modeling skills, 1 year of experience with enjoy acting skills all of which I also do in the Reno, NV area.
My education and credentials include i am actually in jonior/ middle school.

Profile Summary:
i love to babysit Reno, NV
modeling Reno, NV
enjoy acting Reno, NV
My Skills

i love to babysit

Category: Childcare
i love to babysit. i want to grow up to be a pediatrition while owning my own day care so i could see many ages of kids. i personally have a ton of toddlars in my family and i love to hangout with them, and they love it when i play with them.
Relevant Education / Credentials
i am actually in jonior/ middle school
Years Experience: 7


Category: Miscellaneous
i enjoy taking picture. they remind me that i am gorgeous. i dont like to take the same picture over and over i want to move into diffrent positions so they dont all look the same. i also only like to take one picture in the outfit i am in cause it makes it look the same.
Relevant Education / Credentials
i dont have any experience but i take a lot of photos at home if you want to call that experience
Years Experience: 1

enjoy acting

Category: Acting / Drama
what i want to do in life is like this:be a NBA basketball player, actress, then pediatrition. though i probably wont be able to its my dream? i personally belive i would be amazing on broadway or something like that. i also noticed that most acresses learn to sing well to which i would like to do.
Relevant Education / Credentials
i do not have any experience but i am good and its my dream. it doesnt hurt to give me a try. and all you can do is say no to me, which will be fine, but upsetting.
Years Experience: 1