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I am only 19 years old, but I amplenty grown. My I am crazy about children, I love to see them smile. My mother has my sister when I was ten, and even back then I was good with handeling kids. My mother helped me realize that I should make this a career. She also ran a daycare in our home when I was younger. I am excellant working with kids and making sure they do there homework, listen, and stay happy. I would really prefer to work out of my home however. I am available at anny time with notice. Other then children I love animals. I would hate to ever see an animal get hurt or put in a shelter. I'm hoping with this nanny job I can start going to school (at home) to study for nursing so I can help children in hospitals with disabilites. I always think outside the box and go above and beyond my requirements. I don't dwell on the negative I try to keep everything positive. I'm good at handeling my moods, I never have random outburst, even if I am angry.

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I have been around children my entire life Rahway, NJ
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I have been around children my entire life

Category: Childcare
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My attitude is always positive and I'm a very, VERY patient person. I strive for excellance and working children is my strongest ability. Other then being a nanny/babysitter I'm also an OCD person so no messey clothes or faces for the children! I'm always enthusiastic and they will never be unhappy with me. I'm very close to my family & I'm a peoples person, however, I feel I'm the best with children. I'm always enthusiastic and you will never be unhappy with me, I will NEVER slack on my job/responsibilites. I'm good with people and I'm a positive person!! I have alot of disney movies/toys they can choose from at my place. I believe that in the long run not only will I be happy working with your children, which i love doing, but also you will be happy with the outcome of my performances
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I have grown up around children my entire life. My sister was born when I was ten years old. I began picking up babysitting when I was 13 by watching her everyday after school, until I moved out. I still watch her sometimes for my mother when she wants to go out. I know how to take care of children from new born and up, with out a problem. If your child is a new born dont worry! I know how to properly feed, burp & hold a baby. I also have the patience for a screaming crying new born. I have the patience for any child. Over the summer I was an in-home nanny for five young children, ages two three three four and four. I was also an in-home nanny for a family that had a seven year old and a newborn for a couple of months before they moved out of there appartment. I am also good working with autistic children, and I have experience in that. Lastly, I've helped elderly people with everyday ruitines. If you want to see your children always smiling I'm the girl for you!!
Years Experience: 9