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There is not enough information here to describe what entails the past of Noleander the Great. I have been all over California, to Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, South Dakota, Mexico, Russia, London (briefly, very briefly), and I am not done going places. My folks divo'd when I 'as five, mom moved us far away to live her fairy tale dream and it turned into a nightmare for five years with a lunatic step dad (I am being nice in that description), from hell (I mean Idaho where we lived with Satan's uncle), we moved back to Cali for another round of insanity popping up at different spots on the map (mostly ghettos), bad times exceeded he good by far and life didn't make much sense. I was considered a troubled youth, and that stretched into my young adult life. Then I found hypnosis and hypnosis saved my life, the end. No, there is a lot in between that I just don't have time to discuss. One important happening, I found my god, it follows no description of any god I have ever heard of before, but it is what really saved my life.

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Hypnotist/Subconscious Behaviorist Riverside, CA
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