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Lawrence Byl

I have 4 years of experience with Hypnotherapy skills in San Luis Obispo, CA. I also have 12 years of experience with Wedding Minister skills, 7 years of experience with Massage Therapy / Reiki / Q-Touch skills all of which I also do in the San Luis Obispo, CA area.
My education and credentials include, D.d, Addiction Studies.

Profile Summary:
Hypnotherapy San Luis Obispo, CA
Wedding Minister San Luis Obispo, CA
Massage Therapy / Reiki / Q-Touch San Luis Obispo, CA
My Skills


Category: Therapy
Conquer fears, phobias, bad habits. Guided healing meditations. Binural brain wave balancing. Chakra/energy balancing.Improve memory recall. Past life regression. Dream therapy. Personality testing/matching.
Relevant Education / Credentials, D.d, Addiction Studies
Years Experience: 4

Wedding Minister

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Organize/perform wedding ceremonies. Pre-marriage consultations and counseling. Lovers counseling.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Ministerial/ Spiritual studies, D.d. Way of Council/ Lovers Council training.
Years Experience: 12

Massage Therapy / Reiki / Q-Touch

Category: Therapy
Massage therapy with an energy healing touch. Reiki energy healing. Quantum touch energy healing.Pain relief.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Massage therapy, Reiki training, Quantum Energy (light touch)training.
Years Experience: 7