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Hello, I am a certified Hypnotherapist and am a member of IMDHA and IACT. On a daily basis I help people stop smoking, control their weight, find a lost article, regress and see things the way they really are, over come an addiction, teach Self Hypnosis, EFT, T.M, Guided Imagery. I love what I do because I see the fantastic results in the clients I see.
Give me a call or email if you would like to transform an area of your life.
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Scott Cooper CHt Certified Hypnotherapist

Profile Summary:
Hypnotherapist Clarkston, MI
Teaching Trancendental Meditation Clarkston, MI
Emotional Freedom Technique Clarkston, MI
More About Me
Travelling the globe, fishing with my sons, wondering through the woods, Meditating, playing ice hockey, riding our skateboards, snow boarding, golfing, enjoying with friends, just finding joy
Work Experience:
I have been teaching Trancendental Meditation, Jappa Meditation for over fifteen years, teaching the Emotional Freedom Technique, Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, mind travel, dream analysis, working with the subconscious mind, Neurolinguistic Programming and more
I am a graduate from Humber College In Ontario Canada, am a graduate of The Infinity Institute of Hypnotherapy
Organizations / Affilations:
International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association

International Association of Councillors and Therapists
Scott Cooper is located in Clarkston, MI and has the following skills: Hypnotherapist, Teaching Trancendental Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique
Health / Fitness
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My Skills


Category: Health / Fitness
With my clients consent, I put them into the trance state to achieve a new skill, break a bad habit, help them transform physically, mentally and spiritualy
Relevant Education / Credentials
The Infinity Institute Hypnothrerapy School
Years Experience: 8

Teaching Trancendental Meditation

Category: Health / Fitness
Learning the art of meditation allows someone to turn inside and "listen" to their Inner Wisdom or Wisdom of the ages bringing them inner peace, harmony, joy and knowledge
Relevant Education / Credentials
Toronto TM Center
Years Experience: 30

Emotional Freedom Technique

Category: Health / Fitness
EFT is a fantastic way of letting go of negative thoughts and emotions, it is easy to use and portable as well
Relevant Education / Credentials
Unity Church courses
Years Experience: 3