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I am a former advertising person who once wrote Duncan Hines Cake, Crisco Shortening and El Producto cigar advertising who now helps people make personal changes through hypnosis.

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Hypnosis Warwick, RI
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Hypnosis, history, self-help, addiction studies, science fiction, politics.
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Here is a little about my background. I will be happy to tell you more on the phone or when we meet.

First, I am a certified hypnotist who has practiced hypnosis and hypnotherapy for over 25 years and in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts since 1998. My business is helping people bring new possibilities into reality.
My certification is by a national association (The National Guild of Hypnotists). It requires ongoing education and adherence to a rigorous ethical standard.

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology (Hofstra University, 1970) and a MA in Anglo-Irish Studies (University College, Dublin, Eire, 1971) and am a member of Rhode Island Mensa.

Here are some highlights of my career as a hypnotist, hypnotherapist and coach:

1976 - Attended and graduated from the American School of Hypnosis in New York City. Certified for the first time as a hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

1983 - Developed, produced and marketed Hypnovision Video, the first video program using both hypnosis and subliminal messages. Hypnovision Video was featured on NBC and ABC national news and in many national magazines. The videos and an audio line were distributed nationally by Waldenbooks,
Barnes and Noble, B. Dalton and other outlets in the mid-1980s. Thousands of people have benefited from these programs by purchase as well through rentals, libraries and treatment programs at mental health and addiction recovery clinics. Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, and Stress Release video and audio programs were published in the mid-80s. I added New Millennium Stress Release Video in 2000. This program is available at The Tree of Life Wellness Center.

1988 - 1998 - Training as a coach in Landmark Education's Self Expression Leadership Seminars.

Since 1998 - Full-time practice of hypnotherapy and HypnoCoaching helping a wide variety of people from all walks of life lose weight, stop smoking cigarettes, reduce stress and other changes.
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John Koenig is located in Warwick, RI and has the following skills: Hypnosis
Health / Fitness
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Category: Health / Fitness
The potential of hypnosis for dramatic personal change and development is largely untapped. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis' uses are truly only limited by your imagination. Here is a partial list of possibilities. Hypnosis and hypnotism are potentially useful for anywhere a change in feeling, thinking or behavior is desired. Specific treatments can and will be customized to your particular situation. Click on the red underlined words for more about that topic. Or click here for an update on research into hypnotism's effectiveness for a wide variety of areas.

Academic School Hypnosis Applications: Class Participation Fears - Communication Apprehension - Concentration - Focus, Attention Span - Learning - Memory (see Memory, below) - Presentation Skills - Reading skills - Stage Fright - Study Skills - Subject Mental Block Removal - Attention Deficit Disorder
Attitude: Career - Family - Interpersonal - School - Work
Career Development Hypnosis: Assertiveness - Behavioral Control - Procrastination -Concentration - Decision Making - Difficult bosses or customers -Focus - Motivation - Public speaking -Sales (cold call fear, fear of asking for the order, organization) -Tenacity
Confidence: General - Situational (e.g. a job interview)
Creativity Enhancement: Writing (writer’s block) – Artistic - Problem solving
Fears: Flying - Public speaking - Leaving the house - People ( social fear) - Small spaces
Fitness: Exercise Motivation - Performance (golf, tennis, basketball and many other sports)
Habit Control Hypnosis: Overeating and other weight loss issues – Smoking – Anger - Procrastination - Substance abuse - Alcohol - Nail biting –Gambling – Sexual -Remembering to take medication - Compulsive hair pulling (Trichotillomania)
Medical: Analgesia - Anesthesia - Bodily Functions (under autonomic control) - Dermatology (warts, rashes, skin conditions, etc.) - Healing Facilitation (general positive attitude) -Irritable bowels - Obstetrics (HypnoBirthing, related proced
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Hypnotist by National Guild of Hypnotists (Keene, New Hampshire), speciality certification in Medical Hypnosis
Years Experience: 25