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I have 21 years of experience with Human Being c: skills in Leland, NC. I also have 21 years of experience with Pilot skills.
My education and credentials include I may be somewhat of a genius c:.

Profile Summary:
Human Being c: Leland, NC
Pilot Leland, NC
My Skills

Human Being c:

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
I want to make a business group (or human group) that combines business groups under a more organic or progressive model of business to make a less disparate society as a whole by finding common goals between businesses/groups to truly maximize the potential of everyone interested in whatever field those groups adhere to.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I may be somewhat of a genius c:
Years Experience: 21


Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
I am looking to build hours with other pilots to just experience the joy of flying and eventually start a small business to show others the joy all of us pilot's have come to know from flying :)
Relevant Education / Credentials
Private Pilot's License. Flown with my dad my whole life.
Years Experience: 21