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House Cleansing, Paranormal Research Haslett, MI
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Anything with the metaphysical, paranormal, occult. We're also very interested in spirituality, holistic healing, cleansings, investigations, lectures and meetings!
Am always looking for more members
possibly even franchise out across the state (or even further) and collect the data together so we have an amazing and active database! Mediums
occult specialists
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I personally perform house/person/place cleansings with a Native American ceremony called smudging along with other techniques.
I've been investigating and experiencing the paranormal world since I was probably 2 years old (not kidding; weird family video where I'm claiming I'm psychic, ha!) I feel I'm quite experienced in this field and honestly wish I could have the amazing occupation of being a parapsychologist...however making a living seems hopeless that way. This is my passion which is why I dedicate so much time and effort towards it. We need to make a show! Paranormal State is the closest to being a good ghost show, along with Psychic Kids. However, TAPS needs to switch with me :)

Attended: Central Michigan University (was in the 2006 CMU Halloween newspaper edition), Washtenaw Community College and am currently attending Michigan State University!
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Michigan Paranormal Research Association
Samantha Harris is located in Haslett, MI and has the following skills: House Cleansing, Paranormal Research
Religious / Spiritual
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House Cleansing, Paranormal Research

Category: Religious / Spiritual
You're not crazy! 75-80% or so Americans believe in ghosts and spirits! No one wants to talk about them, or more so do not, because they feel they'll be titled as "weird" or "insane". Having trouble sleeping? Headaches? Nausea? Feeling "watched" or being "followed" in your home? Nightmares? Depression/Anxiety? Disembodied voices? House won't sell? Even friendly "spirits" that you'd like to move out! You can have the comfort and rest you deserve! This has nothing to do with a specific religion, nor do you have to belong to one. You don't have to have a "full blown haunting" to make use out of a house cleansing! House cleansing is like spring cleaning but for energy; to restore your own balanced energy along with the location's. If there's been a distressed family for months and the feeling of the place is just low and negative; this house cleaning does wonders! I'm for real. I believe in helping and healing others because I enjoy it and love knowing I am of service to others in a unique but important way. I DO NOT USE lizard eyes, dragon tails and all the other stereotypical "occult" items. The service I offer is actually part of a Native American ceremony. Depending on the severity I might perform this for free however my supplies do cost me money along with the travel (God knows gas these days...). Donations are greatly accepted! I'm a college student (typically poor) and will usually bring along an accomplice (for my safety). I've been involved with the paranormal/metaphysical studies since I was very little, was very sensitive/psychic as a child and still practice these senses today. If you'd just like an investigation we'd be more than happy! If you have any questions about this or even about the metaphysical world in general please feel free to write! You've got nothing to lose!
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Holistic Healing/Healer, Spiritual practioner, psychic.
Years Experience: 12