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I started Conrad Cleaning so that customers could be provided with a thorough, trustworthy cleaning service for a reasonable price. While not everyone needs a housekeeper*, just about anyone can use a little help with cleaning now and then! My customers are charged by the room and not by the hour, so the customer always gets the very best value. I will always do that little extra to make sure my customers are 100% happy. References upon request.
*A Housekeeper performs additional chores, besides cleaning, to keep a home running smoothly. These include such things as ironing, making beds, doing dishes and laundry, running errands, etc.

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House Cleaning Austin, TX
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House Cleaning

Category: Home / Domestic
Conrad Cleaning - reasonable rates for high-quality work. Approximately $10 - 15 per room; each home is different depending on needs. Here's what you'll get:

Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

Clean spills from fronts of cabinets.
Clean and polish front of trash compactor.
Clean top of fridge and front if possible.
Scrub sink, rinse and polish chrome.
Clean window over sink, dust blinds and sill.
Cobwebs (check lights), baseboards & edge as
Clean glass doors and dust blinds.
Empty garbage.
Vacuum, getting all corners & edges.
Wipe down the kitchen table & chairs, dust hanging lights.
Mop floors.
Counters cleaned - everything moved.
Clean inside/outside of microwave.
Remove drip pans and rings from stove and clean.
Clean under drip pans, remove grill and clean under.
Clean and polish stove top, front and control panel.
Clean and polish hood vent.
Clean and polish front of dishwasher and oven.
Remove spots/grease on walls.

Foyer, Living, Family, Dining, Office & Bonus Rooms

Dust furniture, lamps and lampshades.
Dust woodwork, knickknacks and shelves.
Dust window sills, blinds and pictures.
Polish glass furniture, dust chair rails and hanging lights.
Cobwebs (check lights), baseboards and edge as needed.
Vacuum, sweep floors.
Mop floors.
Dust fan blades.
Spot clean walls.


Scrub shower floor, walls and grout with brush.
Scrub shower door, tracks and glass (in/out).
Scrub tub.
Squeegee glass and polish chrome.
Scrub sink, counter, soap dish and dry sink.
Scrub all inside and outside surfaces of toilet.
Clean light fixture, polish mirrors and chrome.
Dust knickknacks and personal items, put back.
Wipe down cabinets, window sills and blinds.
Dust towel racks, toilet paper holders and shelves.
Remove cobwebs, dust pictures & lights.
Empty garbage.
Vacuum or sweep floor.
Scrub floor and wipe down baseboards.
Spot clean walls.

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