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House Blessing by Astral Soul Searchers

Do you feel uncomfortable in your home? This could be due to an imbalance of energies creating the absorption of too much negative energy, or it can be a haunting by a spirit or ghost. There are times when the home will store negative energy, spirits or ghosts, and other paranormal activities. These events may have begun prior to you residing in the home due to negative events that may have occurred in the home or on the property. Such events could have been death, sickness, violence, depression, or a disruption of the property or land. If there is an energy imbalance, a restoration is needed to restore harmony and tranquility. If there is a spirit or ghost residing within the home or property, that entity is out of place and needs to be assisted to cross over and leave the home. Most entities will cross over with little trouble, however in some situations they can have a very negative effect on those living in the home. Not all spirits or entities are negative; some are simply lost and need to cross over, while others can be nasty for sure.

Any uncomfortable feelings with the energy of your home or property or any unwanted manifestations would greatly benefit from a spiritual cleansing and blessing to prevent negative energies from affecting you and your family. Left within the home, negative energies can physically and psychologically affect those living in the home.

Following is a list of some types of manifestations that would benefit from and/or require a cleansing and blessing:

- not feeling comfortable in your home, feeling uneasy or a heavy energy or seeing things go past you from the corner of your eye
- hearing strange noises, footsteps, voices, etc. or experiencing objects being thrown about, broken , moved about or shaken
- nightmares that are not usual for anyone in the home
- seeing strange lights or smelling foul or strange odors in the home or on the property
- feeling like you are being watched
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